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Department - Roles

Management of the appointment to roles in the department.

Specific FacilitiesBasic HOPSAdvanced HOPSDetail
Dept Roles VIEWAllows the user to view the roles matrix in the department.
Dept Roles History VIEWAllows the user to view the roles history of appointments in the department.
Dept Roles View ArchiveThe user can view the roles of users who are no longer members of the department.
Dept Roles EDIT & AWARDAllows the user to EDIT other user's role appointments.
Dept Roles Edit DELETEUser can delete roles. NOTE this permission is for deleting roles records, and all history of them. It should not be in general use. When it is required to make a user no-longer competent in a role an appointment level of 'Withdrawn' should be set. This will preserve the records. Permission (021) to do this is the general roles editing permission recommended for holding by department managers and inspectors. A role record should only be deleted (via this permission) to correct errors such as the role being assigned to the wrong user, thus making an incorrect record. This permission should be limited to admins to preserve the integrity of role/competence records.
Dept Role Follower EMAILThe user will receive an email whenever a role appointment in the department is updated or added.
Dept Competence Expiring Soon EMAIL (Monthly)User will receive a monthly list of staff in the department whose competence for roles expires soon.
Files on Roles: VIEWUser can VIEW files uploaded against users' roles.
Files on Roles: ADDUser can ADD files uploaded against users' roles.