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Update 1053
08 April 2024

Considerable progress has been made today on the issue of the PDF creator.

Instead of working to reinstate the PDF creator we have been working to improve the formatting of pages that are printed using native browser printing, saving to PDF, and printing to PDF.

This reduces the risk to HOPS that the PDF creator has always posed, in terms of reliability and resource consumption.

In the place of the old 'Download as PDF' option is now a 'Print this page' option which triggers the native Print dialogue box, with improved formatting styles applies.

[Note in pages that still use old HOPS body text, the 'Print this page' like is required to be used to obtain the appropriate formatting. Ctrl+P / Cmd+P / other methods of calling the print dialogue won't work the same. In New HOPS pages Ctrl+P etc will work fine and therefore there is no yellow 'Print this page' link.]

Table rows now no longer break across pages.

We are working to remove the green 'department' header that prints on the first page of department-based pages such as rosters before the 'real' content starts on page 2. Where table cells are merged the behaviour can be less predictable. If you find places where the 'Print this Page' link still allows content to be mis-formed or inaccurately split across pages please let us know and (as long as there's not thousands of them) we will try to fix them.

Thank you