Heritage Operations Processing System

How does Heritage Operations Processing use cookies?

Heritage Operations Processing use cookies for three purposes:
  • Session cookies - these are required for implementing basic features of the site, such as maintaining authentication after users have logged in, and implementing the basket and shop functionality. These are therefore mandatory for using Heritage Operations Processing, and are considered strictly neccessary.
  • Analytics cookies - these are used to anonymously track page requests and other meta-information to help us improve the user experience. For this we use a reputable third-party - Google Analytics. These cookies are in no way related to advertising content displayed on the site or elsewhere.
  • Advertising cookies - HOPS is provided free of charge. We therefore make use of unobtrusive advertising to support the site. For advertising, we use Google Adsense, which uses cookies in order to provide targeted advertising and tracking clicks. See here for more information on the cookies Google Adsense uses.

How can I opt-out of cookies?

Session cookies are considered strictly necessary to use Heritage Operations Processing. As such, there is no way to opt-out of using session cookies whilst still using the service. The use of cookies for sessions in no way comprimises privacy or security.

The use of cookies for analytics is very useful in the improvement and development of the site, and is anonymous and secure - no personal information is tracked or stored. We use a reputable and widely used service, Google Analytics, whose privacy policy is available here. However, if you would still rather opt-out, you can do so by installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser extension, available here http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout. Once installed, it will block Google Analytics on every site that uses it, not just HOPS.

Cookies are used by Google Adsense, which provides the unobtrusive third-party advertising visible on the site. HOPS is provided free of charge, so adveritising provides an important means of supporting the site. However, if you would still rather opt-out of the setting of cookies for the purpose of advertising, you can visit https://www.google.co.uk/settings/ads, and select "Opt out of interest based ads". This will be applied for all sites using Google Adsense, not only HOPS. Note, this will not prevent advertisements from being displayed altogether.