HOPS Main Service

There are two HOPS packages available - Basic HOPS and Advanced HOPS.

Basic HOPSBasic HOPS is available for a free trial for 6 months, and then costs £25 (+VAT) per month (paid by direct debit).
It is sufficient for many small, miniature and narrow-gauge organisations.
Advanced HOPSAdvanced HOPS is priced individually based on the scale of the client's operation, the range of prices is from £500 to £3600 (+VAT) per year. We offer a free evaluation period of Advanced HOPS of 6 weeks. Please contact us to discuss.
There is a special rate for 7 1/4" gauge (and smaller) railway organisations to access Advanced HOPS for a fixed price of £350 (+VAT) per year.

ServicesBasic HOPSAdvanced HOPS
Provision of Website
Start-up & Configuration Assistance
Formal Support

FacilitiesBasic HOPSAdvanced HOPS
Organisation Staff List
Emergency Contact
Department Admin
Department Staff List
Department - Roles
Document Folders
HOPS Library
Operations Calendar
Asset Management
Near Miss / Incident Register
Spot Reports - Near Miss / Hazard Reporting
Retail Systems - Membership System
Risk Assessment
Safety Circular
Rostering - Users
Rostering - Roster Clerks
Short Notice Cover
Operations Visit
Function Logs
KPI Screens
Question Papers
Support Tickets

Other HOPS Services

ID Card SystemPOA
TR1 - Time Register System£5 (+VAT) per month for organisations up to 400 users.
£9 (+VAT) per month for organisations with 401 or more users.
Includes signing on and off functionality for tablets at signing-on points.
Unlimited devices.
TR2 - Add On.£10 (+VAT) per month.
Add on for Individual Mobile Devices, Sign-on Notices, Selection of Department / Project / Site
Unlimited users, notices, projects, sites.

If you would like to discuss how your organisation may be able to take advantage of HOPS, please contact us.