HOPS Administrator

In order to use HOPS the subscriber organisation must appoint a HOPS Administrator. This will be the person who is responsible for HOPS locally. The organisation's staff and volunteers will deal with the HOPS Administrator for training and issues. We (HOPS) will deal with each organisation's HOPS Administrator.


In the initial stages, we will work with the HOPS Administrator to generate an appropriate configuration of HOPS for the organisation's / departments' requirements. The HOPS Administrator will be in charge of the users accounts list, allocating access rights to other users, and making configuration changes as the needs of the organisation develop and expand.

We can provide training for HOPS Administrators and for organisation staff and volunteers on a group-basis and 'briefing-the-briefer' training, as required by the organisation's specific needs. We can also provide implementation support and advice.


There are many functions within HOPS. A subscriber organisation can chose to use some, many or all of them, whatever is required to suit the organisation's needs. There is a comprehensive built-in customisable permissions system (administered locally by the HOPS Administrator) to control access to the different components of the system.


The HOPS Administrator at each organisation controls the user accounts. Users can be set up as 'offline' or 'live users'. A live user can log in and use their own account, whereas a system user cannot. Either way a person's name and details are in the system and can be used and records generated. This distinction is provided so that an organisation can, for example, maintain competence and rostering records, which require individial user records, for staff who don't have internet access, etc.


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