Heritage Operations Processing System

Disaster Recovery

  • Recovery from loss-of-data-related incidents will be via the back-up process as described above.

  • Recovery from mechanical failures of discs, etc, will be via the offsite back-up process as described above.

  • HOPS is run by a small team. In the case of incapacity of the current Program Manager (Danny Scroggins) the following plan will apply:
    • In the short term the site will continue to operate, but development will cease.
    • Alan Johnson will assume control of the site from a technical perspective.
    • All Railway HOPS Administrators will be contacted and advised of the circumstances.

  • In the case of the death of the current single shareholder (Danny Scroggins) the following plan will apply:
    • Alan Johnson will arrange for the ownership of HOPS Ltd, including the responsibility for the website tools, to be transferred to a railway or organisation willing to maintain the website tools (even if not the shop) under the same ethos and general principles as it has grown up.
    • A small group of well-established heritage railway individuals has been identified to assist in advising on the suitability of organisations. The final decision will be Alan Johnson's.
    • Before access to the data passes to the new owners, each Railway HOPS Administrator will be given the opportunity to have their data removed from the system.
    • If no railway or organisation willing to assume control of HOPS can be found, the website and the company will shut down. Data will be sent back to the clients.

If you would like more information about HOPS please contact us.