Reviewed 20/10/2023.

Access Parameters Set by You

HOPS allows you to view your contact information, and edit it where appropriate.

The organisation that you work for is duty-bound to use the information only for the purpose for which it was collected.

In addition, you can congifure HOPS to allow other users at your organisation to access your telephone numbers and email address if you want to.

Top Privacy

When Top Privacy is set, only selected senior staff at your organisation can access your contact info for the purpose of operating and managing the company. The data accessed in this way will only be used the purpose you initially provided it. Those users to whom your organisation grants access will be aware of their responsibilities under the relevant data protection law. The person in charge of controlling access is your HOPS Administrator .

Medium Privacy

When privacy is set to [Medium], the details additionally become visible to others in the same departments as you.

Low Privacy

When privacy is set to [Low], the details additionally become visible to others in the same railway as you.

Other Notes

  • HOPS will never divulge any personal information to anyone who isn't authorised by your employer, unless required by law so to do.

  • Information in the database can only be able to be read by users at the organisation to which the user about which the data is held belongs. There is no crossover between organisations.

  • Who can access information within your organisation is controlled by your organisation's HOPS Admin. They can grant permissions to those with a relevant legitimate need. Therefore the responsibility for who does and doesn't access information lies at the subscriber organistion. Your organisation may apply its own privacy policy.

  • No e-mail addresses are shown on publicly accessible areas of the site where they might be picked up by web-bots harvesting e-mail addresses. E-mail addresses are only shown in the internal areas of the site that require a password to access.

  • We MAY use usage statistics to facilitate targeted advertising on the site. We will never pass information about users or their usage to anyone else, but we may, for example, offer targeted advertising to users in the South West, or users who are members of a diesel department, etc.

If you would like more information about HOPS please contact us.