Reviewed 20/10/2023

Non-UK Users / Clients

Several HOPS clients are based outside of the UK, and many UK-based clients who are not UK citizens.
  • All data stored in HOPS will be subject to UK GDPR, including that of non-UK clients and non-UK users.

  • This may mean that some users potentially gain the ability to exercise the rights of UK citizens that they would otherwise not be able to exercise in their own jurisdiction, by virtue of the data being stored in accordance with UK law. See the GDPR tab for users' rights in this respect. Note this only applies to how HOPS treats user data, the Data Controller's actions are only bound by the laws applicable to their organisation.

  • HOPS does not commit to apply or be bound by the laws of any other country. It is the responsibility of the Data Controller to ensure that HOPS is appropriate for the storage and processing of data within the law applicable in their local jurisdiction and the jursdiction of their data subjects.

  • The laws relating to the disclosure of data will be those applicable in the UK.

  • Where a UK-based client has subjects that are not UK citizens, it is the responsibility of the Data Controller to research and establish what their obligations are regarding controlling data of non-UK citizens. HOPS will act in accordance with UK GDPR in all cases.

  • In the event of a data breach, HOPS will not make any notifications to non-UK data protection authorities (see Data Protection & Security tab). This will be the responsibility of the Data Controller.

If you would like more information about HOPS please contact us.