Heritage Operations Processing System
Minor updates and code changes occur every day. Only significant or noteworthy updates are shown here. Updates shown with a green background are only available to HOPS Subscribers.

Time Date
System Updates
17:00 Thu 01 Dec 2016
Scroggins; Danny
AMENDED 2/12/16.
The 'Commercial' menu has been split into 'Purchasing' and 'Booking Office', with the group bookings menu options moving to the latter.
00:00 Thu 01 Dec 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Permission 192, for approving purchase orders over the spending limit, has been separated into two permissions:

192 for approving.

252 (new permission) for receiving emails requesting approval.

All existing holders and groups with 192 have had 252 added, so no change will be felt unless the permissions are now altered.

Note that allocating a user 252 without 192 will result in them receiving an email but not being able to do anything about it.
01:00 Tue 15 Nov 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The column and row headings in the Distribution of Turns tables in Roster Validation have been set to repeat at intervals. This is to assist in the visual correlation of large tables in departments with large numbers of users/turns.
23:00 Mon 14 Nov 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new table on Roster Validation has been added that shows the distribution of turns per GRADE.

This is similar to the existing table that shows the number of turns per POSITION.
22:00 Mon 14 Nov 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Turns on unpublished rosters ARE now shown on the Personal Roster list again, (as long as the viewer has permission to view unpublished rosters in that department).

This undoes the update of 20 September (which took them off this list).

The turns shown on the personal roster list from unpublished rosters are clearly marked as unconfirmed to ensure that no-one mistakenly believes those turns are definite (which is the reason these were taken off the list back in September).

"You can please some of the people some of the time........."
17:00 Wed 09 Nov 2016
Scroggins; Danny
As you may have noticed, some format changes to HOPS have taken place this evening. Please let us know if you find anything looking odd!
15:00 Wed 09 Nov 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A 'repeat' function has been added to the Base Roster turn editing page, the same as already exists on the Roster turn editing page. This allows the creation of several identical turns in one go.
14:00 Wed 09 Nov 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to set a new user's privacy settings when creating the user (permission 231 required). This is designed to help in administering offline users who can't change their own settings.
11:00 Wed 09 Nov 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The colour of "Expired" competences is now shown in light purple instead of light blue. This is to make "Expired" distinct from "Lapsed".

"No record" is now shown as white instead of red.
00:00 Thu 03 Nov 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Apologies the monthly Competence Expiry emails didn't work as planned on 1st November. These emails were upgraded to include more information about competence elements causing competences to expire during October and and error there caused them to not be sent at all!

They were all sent on 2nd November. Some users may have received two copies of the same email, apologies for this.

Just in case you're ever stuck, the list of competences expiring is always available as a list in a tab of the Competence Matrix. (The email is only really a prompt and, like any email, shouldn't be relied on.)
17:00 Thu 27 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny

This is a FINAL CALL for HOPS Admins to allocate new permission 246 to those users who require to access and configure the Roster Settings page (currently accessed via permission 94).

The system will be updated to require this new permission imminently.

(Previously advertised on 18 Oct.)
16:30 Thu 27 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A third option has been added to the options for how to display competences in the Department Competence Matrix. The full name of competences, rather than the abbreviated name, can now be displayed.

Only recommended for departments that don't have a huge number of positions.
16:00 Thu 27 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new permission 251 is available to allow users to see a summary of Group Bookings information on the Daily Operations page but without being able to drill down into all the detail visible by permission 180.

This might be appropriate for guards or station staff, etc.
21:40 Tue 25 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
New options "Set Priority" and "Set Remarks" have been added to the tickbox selection actions on the roster construction page.
21:00 Tue 25 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new report has been added to the Reports & Export part of HOPS, report number 48 shows users who don't belong to any departments. This will hopefully help with identifying any 'orphaned' users who no longer require access to the system.
17:00 Tue 25 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Some while ago the "Employed" status on a user's details was upgraded to show other options than "Volunteer" or "Employed" such as "Contractor" etc. I forgot to mention it in these Updates at the time.

Please let me know if you require any other options in that list.
16:00 Mon 24 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
There is now a 'Tick Box mode' on roster construction for selecting multiple turns simultaneously. Only a small number of options are currently available but with the structure in place others can be added in future.
13:00 Mon 24 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The staff signing on and off sheet has been tidied up and updated.

The new line at the top that says "When signing on you are confirming you are fit for duty in accordance with the company's rules, regulations and instructions." can be changed per-railway, please let me know the wording you require if different.
04:00 Sat 22 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A lot of work has taken place overnight tonight (Friday-Saturday) to start bringing the Turn History function back to life.

There are 14 places in the system that make changes to turns, and 9 of them have been visited tonight.

As with all HOPS work that goes on at the moment, when visiting code to make changes the whole section is tidied and brought up-to-date. One or two changes to underlying structure have been made in the pursuance of this tonight, so if you notice anything not working please let me know.

I have tested things as best I can, but, recognising the importance of rosters and associated roster functions, companies with Support Licences finding any faults may, of course, raise an urgent ticket by calling my mobile for immediate attention and rectification.
22:00 Fri 21 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to limit the turn the auto-assign feature considers by priority level. (This will be of particular help to railways who like to leave their gala turns unassigned in a month while publishing the rest of the roster. Just make the gala turns a lower priority than the rest and exclude them at the point of running the auto-assign feature).

Larger version
13:00 Wed 19 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The permission to view and edit fils on competence element awards has been moved to new permissions 248 (view) and 247 (edit).
12:00 Wed 19 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Some time has been spent this morning on upgrading the Input Availability page (without any changes to the front-end). This is a very old page in the system (one of the very first from 2009), and how now been made a bit more efficient and up-to-date in its operation. Please let me know if you find anything irregular.
02:00 Tue 18 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The Roster Settings page has been considerably tidied up.

The page still requires original permission 94, but will soon be moved to a new permission of its own - 246.

HOPS Admins - Please allocate this permission to those who already have 94 in readiness for the changeover.
18:00 Sun 16 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The Roster Validation now considers 'additional' turns when checking for maximum turn length and minimum rest period.

Also a new table has been added to Roster Validation showing turns without times (so that you know these aren't being considered as above).
17:00 Sun 16 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The Competence Expiry email, sent on 1st each month, now contains more details regarding an expiring competence, such as whether it is expiring in its own right or as a result of a competence element expiring.
19:00 Fri 14 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The system may run slowly this evening as some upgrades are carried out. Apologies for the inconvenience.
03:00 Fri 14 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
After a lot of development work, it is now possible to configure the sort order of diagrams in Rostering > Diagrams. Permission 94 required.
17:00 Wed 12 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Quite a lot of tidying-up and streamlining of the code behind the Operations Week page has been done this week, so please let us know if you find anything not working correctly.
19:00 Mon 10 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
"Staff List" is now called "User List", as not all users are staff...
18:05 Sun 09 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The term "Terminated" in the Membership System has been changed to "Ex-members", which is a bit nicer!
18:00 Sun 09 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to upload files to the Competence Element Awards.

This works in the same way as uploading files to Competence Awards.
22:00 Fri 07 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to upload files to the 'Near Misses & Incidents' Register.

This was requested in order to allow witness statements, drawings, evidence, etc to be uploaded.
00:00 Fri 07 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Some new features have been added to the membership system.

It has been identified that often a 'grace period' is given after the expiry of a membership to take account of delays in the processing of renewals etc.

Tabs returning lists showing these states of membership are now available in Community > Members to show:

Current members - those with an expiry date in the future (including those not yet started)

Expired members - those with an expiry date in the past, and not renewed, but are still within the grace period.

Terminated members - those with an expiry date in the past, and not renewed, and beyond the grace period.

The term 'expired' is consistent with the expiry of competence, ie, it is after the date that was set at the point the membership was entered.

The new term 'terminated' is used when the membership has not been renewed and the grace period has expired.

I have avoided using the term 'lapsed' here, to maintain consistency with the competence management system where it refers to a competence losing its validity because the holder has not undertaken a turn for too long a period.

The 'grace period', ie the time after expiry to termination, is configurable per membership type (ie, 'Gold', 'Silver', or 'Adult', 'Child', etc). This is viewable in Community > Membership Types (new permission 244 required).

[9/10/16 - The term "Terminated" in the Membership System has been changed to "Ex-members", which is a bit nicer!]
23:00 Wed 05 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Expand and Collapse All option have been added to the collapsible tables on the permissiones pages.
01:00 Mon 03 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A Statistics tab has been added to the Near Misses & Incidents Register.
00:00 Mon 03 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A 'category' option has been added to the Near Misses and Incidents Register. This will be used for statistical analysis.
14:00 Sun 02 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new format of collapsible tables has been implemented on the Permissions by User page to try to make the page a bit less overwhelming.

Feedback is welcome as to whether this is sufficiently beneficial to warrant being implemented on other permissions editing pages.
02:00 Sat 01 Oct 2016
Scroggins; Danny
I am aware there was an issue with the sending of emails alerting managers to upcoming uncovered turns (permission 63) this morning (1/10/16). Please contact your railway's HOPS administrator if you have any queries.

This was caused by me in work to allow appeals to cover turns to be configured to be sent on different days for different positions (configurable per position), and to exclude users who don't have the competence to cover the turn or whose competence has expired, instead of blanketing the whole department as happened previously.

This functionality is now available (the number of days in advance of the turn that you wish the appeal and alert emails to be sent is now configurable in department > positions, and emails are only sent to those with the relevant competence).

Apologies for this teething error.
05:00 Tue 27 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
There is now a new field in Department > Positions where the minimum rest beriod before a turn can be set for each position.

Combining the new fields for 'start' and 'end' of turn time and the new 'minimum rest period before turn', the Roster Validation page will now highlight any turns that don't allow sufficent rest before.

Only turns in positions with a 'minimum rest period' will be considered.

Only turns with a 'start' and 'end' time, in positions with a 'minimum rest period' set, will be considered.
00:00 Mon 26 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
There is now a field in Department > Positions where the maximum turn length can be set for each position.

Combining the new fields for 'start' and 'end' of turn time and the new 'maximum turn length, the Roster Validation page will now highlight any turns that are longer than the maximum.

Only turns in positions with a 'maximum turn length' will be considered.

Only turns with a 'start' and 'end' time will be considered.

Where a turn end date is set earlier than the start date the system will presume that the turn ends the following day and calculate accordingly. (There is no way to record a turn of greater length than 24 hours).

I think I have even managed to arrange it to cope with turns spanning the change between DST and BST!
20:00 Fri 23 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new "Edit All" links is now available on Base Rosters (permission 24 required) to enable easy changing-over of turn times to the new fields.

Where possible the turn times have already been converted by the system, but it was not always possible for all formats of times used over 300,000 turns.

A "Supplementary Text" field is available to non-time related time information such as "to end of service", etc.
09:00 Fri 23 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Apologies for the downtime this evening at about 10.30pm.

Our upgrade to allow the booking on and off times of turns to be used for validation of maximum turn lengths and minimum rest periods met with some problems, and we wanted to be absolutely certain that all the data was square again before opening the site to edits again.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

The good news is that the new fields for recording shift times are now available, and the validation described above will soon follow.
21:00 Thu 22 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny

The options applicable to a date on the roster, previously given their own links under the date, are now nicely arranged in a new black drop-down menu.
18:30 Tue 20 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A user's former grade has now been added to the department competence archive list.
18:00 Tue 20 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Turns on unpublished rosters are no longer shown on the My Roster list, even if the viewer has permission to view unpublished rosters in that department.
00:00 Tue 20 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to removed redundant competence element groups.
00:00 Mon 19 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The editing of user medical details has moved to its own page and is no longer part of the main user details editing page.

This enables permission to be granted to (appropriate) users to edit medical details, without being able to edit other user details.
02:00 Thu 15 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new 'Near Misses and Incidents' Register system is just coming online.

The system allows the recording of incidents, attribution of root and underlying causes, recording of learning points and actions required.

This will be a good tool for use in demonstrating the proper (non-immediate) response to near misses or incidents that take place.

The system is not fully ready for roll-out yet but if any organisation would like to be involved in Beta testing please let us know.
01:00 Thu 15 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to set a priority level for a turn, which will be considered when being covered by the 'automatic assigning of turns' function (this is the function that considers all the availabilty in a roster and the turns that need covering and allocates the turns in the most efficient way it can. The roster clerk can still edit the turns and who they are assigned to after the automatic assign process has done its best).

The priority feature must be switched on in Roster Settings in order for it to become visible.

Turns will be allocated in numerical order of priority. Zero is the highest priority, followed by 1, 2, etc.

Just like all the other settings of a turn, the priority level can be set in the Base Rosters (formerly 'templates') and will carry through to the rosters, and edited in the roster itself if variations are required.
00:00 Thu 15 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Some further extensive work has taken place behind-the-scenes on developing the roster functions for adding, editing and removing turns without refreshing the pages.

There should be no material difference as a result of this work, apart from that things might look a bit nicer and slicker, but if you do notice anything wrong please let me know.

The old 'add new turn' and 'edit turn details' links remain in case of any problems.


Danny S
17:00 Sun 11 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Various places in the system are gaining sortable table headings.

I'll put them in gradually as I next happen to update each page. (or orgnisations in the Support Scheme may raise a ticket if there is a particular page you want to jump the queue! (one page per ticket please))


Danny S.
14:00 Sun 11 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
[16:00 - NOW RESOLVED]

There is currently an issue with permissions 213 and 214 that is causing the 'New Message' page to not load properly.

Temporarily unassigning these permissions will resolve the issue.
02:00 Sat 10 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A yellow bar has been added on 'today' on the Group Bookings diary.

Also the name of the last person to edit a group booking now appears next to the time.
05:00 Tue 06 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny

It is now possible to specify whether a turn requires a person of 'at least' the given grade or 'exactly' the given grade.

This can be edited in the turn details editing pages, and can also be compiled in the base roster so that it is copied into the rosters automatically using the Insert from Base Roster function.

Grades on turns on the roster are shown with an '=' after the grade to indicate a requirement for exactly that grade, or an '+' after the grade to indicate that is the minimum grade required.

The Assign Turn (old and new), Quick Assign Turn, and Auto Assign Turn (od and new) functions should all respect this setting (but please let me know if you find any problems).

Danny S.
02:00 Tue 06 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to set a 'default' grade for new turns.

Department > Rostering > Roster Settings.

(Permission 94 required).
01:00 Tue 06 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny

Numbers of bookings, and of each type of passenger, are now shown on the trains list of the daily timetable.
23:00 Mon 05 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Further updates have taken place in the area of trains and timetables.

The option to Insert Trains from the Base Timetable has been removed from the Operations Calendar (I could not find a decent way of giving a visual representation of the trains on the calendar without blowing the whole thing out of proportion).

A new page has been created called 'Daily Timetables', underneath the 'Base Timetables' option in the Operations menu.

This has tickboxes on it similar to the Operations Calendar and the option to Insert Trains onto Daily Timetables from the Base Timetable is now there.

In addition there is an option to 'Publish' the Daily Timetable and to 'Cancel or Delete' all the trains from the Daily Timetable on the selected days.

After a great deal of thought and experimentation the following schedule types now apply:

Trains unaltered from the Base Timetable - WTT

Trains altered from the Base Timetable - VAR

Non-base timetable trains added before publication (LTP) or after publication (STP).

Cancelled trains - CAN

Trains can be fully deleted from a timetable up until it is published. After that, trains can only be cancelled, so that users get a confirmation that the train is not running, instead of it just disappearing.

Any edits to a WTT train will change the schedule type to VAR.

Any new trains added will automatically be LTP (if the daily timetable is not yet published) or STP (if it is).

A cancelled train can be reinstated, and will always come back as an STP (as the daily timetable must have already been published in order for it to be cancelled).
02:00 Sat 03 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to put group bookings onto specific trains from the Daily Timetable.

Editing is via the existing group bookings etc page.

For a train to appear in the list it must be in the Daily Timetable and the day's trains must be 'published'.
00:40 Sat 03 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
'Mark All' and 'Mark None' links have been added to the Operations Calendar when in tick-box mode.

Also, and option to 'Insert trains from Base Timetable' has been added to the drop-down list to enable this function to be run on multiple days simultaneously. (There is currently no visible feedback on the Operations Calendar page to show where/how many trains have been added to each day.... I'm working on it!)
22:40 Fri 02 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Medical can now be linked to Competence.

In competence element properties there is a new attribute ticket box: "Medical".

When this is enabled, when the medical details are edited, boxes to update the competence element will also appear.

The user editing needs the permissions to Update user details (to get to the medical edit fields) and the permissions to award competence elements.

I hope this helps and starts to close a long-asked-for request for medical and competence to become linked.
22:00 Fri 02 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new 'Add New Turn' feature has been added to rosters. (I thought I had done this ages ago but I must have forgotten to push it up!)

The new feature doesn't require a page refresh, so will further support the performance improvements to the roster construction pages (and other parts of the system).
03:20 Thu 01 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to add TRAINS to specific days in the calendar (both using the a Base Timetable (formerly called the template), and making changes on a specific day, in much the same way as rosters can be made from the Base Rosters (formerly called staff templates) and then tweaked on the roster.

New permission 243 required.

To add trains to a day, go to Operations > Calendar > Trains tab.

(Note that the origin and destination locations list has to be populated by me, so let me know if/when you require this.)

In the same way as rosters, trains in a Daily Timetable don't generally appear visible until they are 'Published' (same principle as rosters).

You can also import from the Base Timetable, add, edit and delete on the specific day.

Base Timetables can be created (and hence then be able to import them directly to a day) (permission 30 required) by going to Operations > Timetables > Trains Template tab > Add new, etc.

Next I will make a function for importing from the Base Timetable on numerous days at the same time.

None of this trains information goes anywhere yet, but it will very soon start spreading around the system, starting with the group bookings facilities. Please feel free to have a play and let me know anything you find that doesn't work correctly.
00:00 Thu 01 Sep 2016
Scroggins; Danny
'Timetables' as we currently know them are changing their name to 'Base Timetables'. This is because there will, in future, be the facility to store patterns of trains for individual days ('Daily Timetables'), and it is felt 'Base Timetable' is more appropriate than 'Timetable Template', which is a bit of a tongue-twister.

For consistency, 'Staff Templates' will be changing their name to 'Base Rosters', and the word 'Template' will be completely phased out.

So it will be Base Timetable > Daily Timetable, and Base Roster > Roster.
11:00 Wed 31 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Competence Elements tweaks this morning:

- A number of blank elements and element groups are coming through - validation added to make the name fields required.

- A new permission 242 is now required to view the competence elements list (was previously 236, the edit permission). This is to enable the giving of a permission to view the list without having permission to edit it. I have not automatically allocated this to anyone, so if you're wondering why you can't see the competence elements list any more, please obtain permission 242.
00:30 Wed 31 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Following a huge amount of work over the last few days, the first pass of the Competence Elements system is now in operation.

The requirement for Competence Elements in grades *IS* now considered in the competence management system.

Competence Elements should be considered as railway-wide competences, such as Induction, PTS, etc, that the departments' competences can be set to 'require'.

Competence Elements are added in Competence > Elements (permission 242 required to view and 236 required to edit). Ideally there would only be one person in the company responsible for administering the list of Competence Elements, to avoid duplication (such as two departments creating a PTS element). [Updated with new permission numbers 31/8/16.]

The grades in each position that require each competence elements are set in Department > Grades > [Edit] (permission 237 required).

A new term has been introduced on competences - 'INCOMPLETE' - this means that the user is missing one or more required elements from the competence. In all other parts of the system they will be considered not-competent for the role.

A competence element can be awarded to a user in much the same way as 'old' competences via Competence > Elements > Holders > Add New. (Permission 242 required to view and 238 required to award). [Updated with new permission numbers 31/8/16.]

Note that, as Competence Elements are railway-wide, not department-based, the permissions are not arranged by department, but instead by 'Competence Element Group'. So arrange your Competence Elements into the groups that you'd like to be able to give permissions to your assessors to award the competence elements. Ie, all the diesel traction elements toghether, etc.

Permission 238 is only the permission to add the record of a person's achieving a competence element into the system, not to be recorded as the assessor. The 'Assessor' field in Competence Elements is populate with all users who themseles have a status of 'Assessor' in that Element. TO overcome the 'who awards the first competence' problem, the Competence Element owner always appears as an assessor.

Thank you to everyone who has put effort into the development of this new very powerful functionality, particularly the NYMR and the Bo'ness Railway, and to Alex for endless discussions and testing (on his birthday too....)

If any railways have constructed 'PTS Departments' etc for recording PTS, for example, without the other competences being dependent on it, please let me know and I will convert it to an element which will be more appropriate.
23:00 Tue 30 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
As promised, for HOPStember, the subscription modules are now live on all railways until the end of September.

If you're wondering what to play with first, see this list of all the green highlighted items that are now available.

We hope you enjoy them!
14:00 Tue 30 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to restrict the effect of the auto-assign function to specific positions and grades.

This is to help railways that require to compile their rosters grade-by-grade or position-by-position in order to ensure priority to certain positions or grades.
00:00 Sun 21 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Please note, new parts of the system are starting to become live in readiness for the 'Competence Elements' functions, but Competence Elements are NOT yet factored into the competence matrix or any other competence output.
23:00 Wed 17 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Access to the Competence Archive List referred to earlier today now requires new permission 235. This is in response to feedback.
17:00 Wed 17 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
In most cases, users give their availability for a roster, and maintain themselves available until the roster is published, whereafter they don't necessarily remain available on days they weren't rostered to work.

It is, therefore, misleading for the availability colours to continue to be shown on the quick-assign menus after the roster has been published, as it is potentially (and probably) no longer accurate. So these colours now don't show on published rosters. Orange (for 'busy') continues to show.

This is a configurable option, so if you would like to retain colours on the quick-assign list after the roster has been published the option is in Roster Settings (per department).

The colours continue to show in the full assign list.
16:33 Wed 17 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The REMOVING of a competence now requires a new permission (234). This new permission is a 'red dagger' permission, meaning it is only intended for the railway HOPS Admin.

This is because several railways have reported that users who ordinarily record competence decisions, such as inspectors and heads of department, are inadvertently misusing this feature.

If a user is no longer competent for a position, a grade of 'Withdrawn' (or similar) should be set. This way the user's competence record will be preserved. The competence should not be 'removed'.

When a competence record is removed.... the record is removed! Removal is only intended for occasions when, for example, a competence is accidentally awarded to the wrong user, and therefore it is appropriate to remove the record, and the history of it being there.

It is presumed that railways will, in general, wish to maintain records of competences, even if those competences are no longer current, so the ability to remove a competence now requires permission 234.

It is recommended that permission 234 is held only by an administrator or senior manager and a department's wish to completely remove a record of someone holding, or ever having held, a competence is directed to that person and they ensure the use of the function is appropriate to maintain the records that the organisation requires.


Danny S.
16:32 Wed 17 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Improvements have been made to the Department Competence page, including bringing the Expiry and Lapsing lists into tabs on the Department Competence page. In addition, an 'Archive' tab is available to show competence records of users who are no longer in the department (SLS only).
16:31 Wed 17 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to note on rosters when a user is an employee rather than a volunteer. This is requested by railways who prioritise volunteers in turns and want to see what turns could still be filled by a volunteer, and also railways who allow volunteers to 'steal' turns off employed staff. The option is availabile in the turn properties to show this, editable in the full edit options or quick assign. A symbol (◈) will be shown by the name of the person doing the turn if this option is selected on the Roster Construction pages. There is an option in Roster Settings to determine whether or not to show the symbol on the roster viewed by users.

If the thought of making a distinction between employed and volunteer staff on rosters fills you with dread, then take no action and no change will take place!
16:30 Wed 17 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
When a turn is edited via the new pop-up box method, and the position, column or diagram is changed, the turn text will now move to the new position on the roster upon saving and a page refresh will not be required.

This removes the temporary 'yellow message' system that has been in place for the last few weeks.
18:00 Tue 16 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Calendar organisation entries can now have 'days' set, ie, 'Every Monday and Tuesday between these dates', etc.
13:00 Tue 16 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Users who use an old link to volunteer for a turn that is no longer available as it has since been assigned are now given a nice message to explain.
11:00 Mon 15 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
[Fixed - 2345 15/8/16]

There has recently been an issue with emails sent to users with BT Internet accounts being bounced (by BT Internet). We have done some considerable work to get round this issue, and hope to complete a fix tonight.

Some emails have been being queued while we have been working this, but all are being sent as the queue clears out after a few hours.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
16:00 Sun 14 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
[Now repaired - 22:45]

There is currently an error in the 'Volunteer for Vacant Turn' email that is sent to the roster clerk when someone volunteers for a turn that is causing the reply links to fail.

The 'deal with on website' link still works, so this link should be used to respond via the website.

It will be obvious that the other link has failed as the 'Insufficient Access Rights' screen will show. No incorrect responses will be made.

I apologise for the inconvenience, the fault will be fixed this evening.

Danny S.
23:45 Sat 13 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to send a reply message to users who have volunteered for turns. The message will be saved, and also emailed to the user in the case of Accepts and Declines.
22:00 Sat 13 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The carrying-forward of Remarks on competence awards is now a configurable option by department (editable in Department Details from the Department List).

(The default is set to YES.)

That should please both camps!
23:00 Fri 12 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new link has been added to the 'Volunteers for Gaps' tab of the Roster Construction pages to view the details (including accompanying messsage) of offers after the offer has been accepted/declined.
22:00 Fri 12 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new tab has been added to the User List to view archived users (permission 66 required).

A 'restore' option is available to un-archive the user (new permission 233 required).
00:00 Thu 11 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new paragraph in the terms and conditions of use has been added:

"HOPS will only change the point of contact at a railway (and hence the person from whom we will take instruction on the use or release of the railways data) following a reasonable corroboration of the validity of the request for the change, and reserves the right to refused such requests if we suspect they are not legitmate."
01:00 Mon 08 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new option has been added to turns (and templates) to specify whether 'Click to Volunteer' is available or not for the turn.

The default is that it IS available.

A ♣ is shown on the roster construction pages as an indication that Volunteering has been suppressed.
19:00 Sat 06 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A bug has been fixed in the messaging system that caused an error if a message was to be sent to a group that expanded to no members.
00:00 Fri 05 Aug 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The messaging system has been corrected so that the 'TO' field populates correctly in the 'sent' items for messages that were sent to new groups such as 'dates working between', etc.
19:00 Sat 30 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A tick-boxes function is now available in the operations calendar to allow the adding and removing of timetables and modifiers to many days in one operation.

The facility is available to users with permission 14 (Edit Operations Calendar) and is available in the columnar view (only).

This will hopefully help with your 2017 preparations!

Please let me know if you find any problems.


Danny S.
21:00 Thu 28 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to:
- specify times on Calendar Organisation subjects
- allow a Calendar Organisation entry to spread over more than one date
- Specify whether the entry is one long entry from start to finish, or for the state times each day.

"All Day" options are also available.

The editing form was particularly difficult to achieve, there may be errors - let me know when you find them!
11:00 Sun 24 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
There was an issue on rosters arranged by column (as opposed to by position/group) that has hopefully now been fixed.

This was caused by work upgrading the system to facilitate the addition of a turn to a roster without the need to refresh the page.

Any problems on rosters such as foratting bugs after turn operations can normally by fixed by refreshing the page (but please still let me know).

Apologies for this glitch, I hope you'll like the end product when it arrives and forgive any bumps on the path to it such as this.
06:00 Thu 21 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Some behind-the-scenes upgrade work took place last night on GRoup Bookings.

Some minor changes that you might notice:

Only valid numeric amounts can be inserted into the 'Deposit' and 'Ticket Price Lines' fields now. This is to enable calculation of totals into invoices etc.

A 'Deposit Remarks' field has been added, and all the lovely non-numeric stuff that used to live in the Deposit field has been moved to there!

Non-numeric values in the Ticket Price Lines have been saved and are still visible on existing bookings, but no facilitiy has been provided for this for future bookings. The other Remarks fields can be used instead.

A 'free' tick box has been provided on Ticket Price Lines. The ticking of this box makes clear that a zero price means 'this ticket is intentionally free', rather than 'the price has not yet been entered'.

The Details page will return an error if it finds a deposit or ticket line price that is either non-numeric, or is zero and the 'free' box is not ticked.

Where zero amounts existed on old bookings (or the word 'free') this has been changed to a free tick.
19:30 Mon 18 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new pop-out window method of editing turn details is now available on the Roster Construction page.

Use of this window means the Roster Construction page no longer has to refresh after a turn is updated and is the latest in a series of upgrades to this page.

I have left the old and new methods available in parallel for the time being in case of any problems with the new method. (It has been a lot more complicated than the other "non-refreshing" developments to this page.)

Please let me know if you find any problems.
19:00 Mon 18 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A small tweak to the Full Assign Turns page has corrected an issue that was causing a small number of users to appear in the bottom section even though they were fully available etc to appear in the top section.
17:00 Sun 17 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The Privacy page has been tidied up a bit to hopefully make it a bit clearer.

(It still doesn't load very quickly, but you can't have everything!)
22:00 Sat 16 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new features has been added at the bottom of the timetables editing page to advise users of the update (or addition).

There is also the opportunity to write a message describing the change that you have made.

The message will be sent to users with permission 232, so assign that permission to the groups who 'need to know' (ie, roster clerks, operations managers, etc).

(I suggest you don't put your entire staff on the distribution list...!)
23:00 Wed 13 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The orange 'BUSY' background and blue 'EXPIRED' background now show up on the quick assign list. If the user is busy and expired then 'busy' orange takes precedence.

The suffix 'EXP' and 'BUSY' have been added to the user's line in the list where appropriate.
20:00 Wed 13 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Some updates to the Quick-Assign feature of rosters:

- The number of turns each user has in the roster, and the number their max number is now shown in the drop down list.

The format is a/b, where a is the number they already have, and b is their max.

A max of 'U' means unlimited.

A max of 'X' means they returned no availability.

Note that in this new format only the first fifteen characters of the staff members' names are shown. If anyone has two staff members whose first fifteen characters are identical (and therefore they now can't be distringuished from each other) please let me know and I will resolve it. (No adding extra characters into people's names for this purpose....!)
20:00 Wed 13 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The Turn History link (in the red drop down) now opens in a new tab/window (thus avoiding the need to re-load the roster construction page).
21:00 Tue 12 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A minor tweak to the Update User Competence page means that the expiry date picker is now only visible when the corresponding radio box is selected.

This is to avoid the possibility of a the user picking a date from the picker and then it not being saved as the radio box option had not been selected.
19:00 Tue 12 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Mark all 'yes' and 'no' links have been fitted to the top of the page for editing other users' availability (the same as already exists on the page for entering one's own availability).
15:00 Tue 12 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Users who have the capability to edit other users' personal details do not, by default, have the capability to edit their privacy settings. An additional permission (231) is now available to enable them to do this. This permission is a 'red cruciform' permission, meaning it is intended for adminstrators only, and should be used sparingly.

This permission will only be effective when the user already has 67 (view) [ 91 (admin view) ] and 68 (admin edit).

More details/guidance: https://www.heritage-ops.org.uk/help/99
20:30 Thu 07 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Some further significant work has taken place on the Roster Construction pages. The red and green drop-down boxes now load lazily (which means they load when required, as opposed to always being there 'ready').

This may produce a short but distinguishable delay in requesting the red or green drop down menu, but will return a huge improvement in page load time overall.
14:00 Thu 07 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
There was an issue with the drop-down to assign turns on the Construct Roster page returning a 'page not found' error.

I am working on this now.


Danny S.

[Now fixed - 14:25.]
16:00 Wed 06 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The deleting of both main and 'additional' turns has now also been given the same treatment as the changing of turns has over the last couple of days.

Please let me know if you have any problems. I hope this is making the functions easier!
19:00 Mon 04 Jul 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The changing of names of (existing) "additional" turns (ie, training, etc) now behaves the same as main turns in that it does not require the page to be refreshed.

[Update 5/6/16: Note this had a compatibility issue with IE and Safari which was fixed at 12:00 5/7/16. If you experience any problems after then please let me know.]
14:00 Wed 29 Jun 2016
Scroggins; Danny
After much hard work.... the roster construction page does not refresh when a turn is re-assigned any more.

The page itself does not load any quicker, but it will now load a lot less frequently (system-wide). This will help the performance of that page, and the system as a whole.

Other roster functions from the drop-down will be similarly treated in the near future.
16:00 Thu 23 Jun 2016
Scroggins; Danny
I have added a roster period splitting function (in the Roster Operations tab). This enables an existing roster period to be split into two individual roster periods.

This is designed for (and as requested by) railways that publish a month's roster, but with a gala in the middle blank (as they are inevitably more difficult to plan for), and then subsequently wants to split the roster to deal with the gala in 'unpublished' mode.

The newly-created roster will gain the same properties and status as the original (ie, publication status, etc)

Another development is the interlocking on roster period date adjustments has now been further extended to prevent overlapping roster periods.
12:00 Thu 23 Jun 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Options have been added to the properties of Calendar Organisation subjects (Operations > Cal Organisation) to determine when they are shown on the Operations Date page, viz:
- Always
- Never
- Only when populated with data.

This will hopefully help railways that have a high number of calendar organisation subjects.
18:00 Wed 22 Jun 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The roster operations page has been adjusted to make sure that the roster period dates aren't adjusted in such a way as to exclude a turn that is already in the roster.
17:00 Fri 17 Jun 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A minor bug has been corrected (that I think has existed for as long as function has), so that people on 'add-on' turns (such as training, etc) now show as 'Busy' in the Full Assign Options. Also, their add-on turns are now counted in their 'Turns allocated / turns left' count, which they previously weren't.
00:00 Fri 17 Jun 2016
Scroggins; Danny
I've made an editable sort-order field in System > Directors (Anything to stop the a certain prefixing their directors disciplines with numbers!).

It will require each place in the system that shows information from more than one department to be updated to respect the new sort order. I have updated the Daily Operations page, Monthly Roster and a few others, but please let me know when you find other places in the system that need to respect the new order.
18:00 Wed 15 Jun 2016
Scroggins; Danny
The sort order of Calendar Subjects on is now consistently by name, unless a numerical sort order is specified.

A field to add a numerical sort order to Calendar subjects has been added. The sort order is: Numerical Order of Sort Order then Alphabetical Order of Name.
14:00 Wed 15 Jun 2016
Scroggins; Danny
As promised in the lead-up to the Support Licence Scheme, there is now a support ticket system in HOPS for use of companies in the Support Scheme. (It is actually the old ticket system from years ago revamped a bit).

If you allocate yourself permission 78 via Permissions Admin * you will gain a 'My Support Tickets' option in the System menu.

(* - and of course you'll allocate this to your HOPS Admins permission group rather than to the individual user, because that's a much better way of managing permissions ISN'T IT!!!)

The Support Ticket system is mainly for support, as distinct from future development requests. But if you want to submit tickets for future development requests then that's fine - I'll copy the text to the future developments wish list and close the ticket, just to keep things nice and tidy.
18:00 Tue 14 Jun 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A new option has been added to the System menu - Admin Login - for quick access to the Admin Login feature. Permission 80 required.
00:00 Tue 14 Jun 2016
Scroggins; Danny
There will be a brief period of downtime on Tuesday 14 June at approximately 8pm for approximately 30 minutes in connection with server upgrade work. Apologies for the inconvenience.
00:00 Mon 13 Jun 2016
Scroggins; Danny
It's been a long-haul getting here, but the HOPS Support Licence Scheme starts today! HURRAH!

I have emailed all the railways in the scheme with full details (if you've submitted a contract but not just received an email with details please let me know)

As promised, I have added all the modules that were previously subscription-only to all companies in the scheme, so I hope you will find those useful.

There is a to-do list a mile long that you've given me, so please bare with me as I tackle all the items on it, and hopefully this will be the start of another great step forward in the development of heritage railways!

Thank you!
Danny Scroggins, HOPS employee number 1!
00:00 Thu 19 May 2016
Scroggins; Danny
I am aware this site has some speed issues at the moment. I apologise for this.

HOPS has become a bit of a victim of its own success in this respect - it is great to see so many people using HOPS, but some of the pages are now struggling a little bit.

Rest assured this will be one of the first priorities to work on when the support scheme starts in June.

Danny S.
00:00 Tue 17 May 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A fix has been made to overlapping headings and cells broken across pages on PDF output of rosters.
23:00 Mon 28 Mar 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Part of tomorrow's server upgrade work has upgraded our SSL functionality. This may cause issues for anyone using very old browsers:

* Windows XP and using IE 7 or 8. (IE 7 on Vista or later is fine).

* Anyone running *really* ancient versions of Safari, Chrome (on XP only), Firefox or Android Browser.

Please let me know if there are any problems.
15:00 Mon 28 Mar 2016
Scroggins; Danny
There will be a brief period of downtime on Tuesday 5 April evening for a server re-start following some minor upgrade works. Apologies for the inconvenience.
22:00 Wed 23 Mar 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Support Scheme Update 4 has now been sent to railway HOPS administrators.

If you didn't receive yours, please let me know!

Thanks. Danny S.
20:55 Wed 23 Mar 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Some minor bugs fixed on the Visits to Operations Personnel page, the Edit Permission Group page and the Deleting Permissions page thanks to relentless pestering from the SDR....
00:00 Mon 15 Feb 2016
Scroggins; Danny
A minor bug has been fixed which was caused by the (much-requested) reintroduction of the 'quick' login form in the left hand menu.

The quick login function caused the login form on the main login page to stop working properly.

Apologies to those who were struggling to get into the system via the main login page.

(If it helps, you can now adjust your bookmarks to www.heritage-ops.org.uk instead of www.heritage-ops.org.uk/login.php


Danny S.
00:00 Thu 11 Feb 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Non-https use of the system has now been phased out. All HOPS activity is now under https, which aids preventing "sniffing" of information as it travels between your computer and the server.

If this causes a problem anywhere please let us know.
22:30 Sat 30 Jan 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Powerpoint files added to the list of acceptable file types for upload.
01:40 Tue 05 Jan 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Department Competence Expiry list bugs corrected.
00:01 Mon 04 Jan 2016
Scroggins; Danny

All Railway HOPS Administrators have been sent an email regarding our latest news. (If you are a Railway HOPS Admin and haven't received one then please let me know!).

All will be revealed later today!
14:00 Sun 03 Jan 2016
Scroggins; Danny
Some minor updates to the Updating Competence pages.