Heritage Operations Processing System
Minor updates and code changes occur every day. Only significant or noteworthy updates are shown here. Updates shown with a green background are only available to HOPS Subscribers.

Time Date
System Updates
01:00 Thu 22 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to enforce the selection of a period and/or diagram for turns.

This will hopefully help avoid some common rostering errors such as having some turns on a day with a period, and some turns without, giving ambiguous availability collection, or turns with inconsistent diagrams making rosters format poorly.

The configuration options are available in Department > Roster Settings (permission 246 required).
23:00 Wed 21 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to add Maintenance Tasks to the Asset Management System, to define which assets require which tasks to be completed, and to log completion of the tasks.

Permission 302 is required to administer the list of tasks, then Asset Management > Maintenance Tasks.

Permission 301 is required to administer which assets require which maintenance tasks to be completed, then Asset Management > Asset Register > (select the asset) > Maintenance Tasks tab..
00:00 Wed 21 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to add/edit/archive Asset Types. Permission 299 is required, then Asset Management > Asset Types.
00:00 Wed 21 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to add/edit/archive the levels of risk assessment severity and likelihood. This is used in the asset defect system. Permission 300 is required, then System > Risk Assessment.
00:20 Thu 08 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
An option has been added in the settings of each grade to determine whether competence of that grade show in competence expiry emails or not.

This can be accessed via the department page > Grades > select 'Edit' on the grade required.

This is mainly intended for the suppression of 'competence withdrawn' grades that have expiry dates from such emails.
00:00 Tue 06 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
Express Despatch and Guaranteed Next Day Delivery are now available from the shop again.
00:00 Mon 05 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
Some reports in Reports & Export were still showing archived users. These have now been fixed.
00:00 Sun 04 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
A 'date sort' field has been added to the Competence Element Competences page to allow the list to be accurately sorted by date.

(Apologies that sorting by the original 'date' column doesn't work properly!)
00:00 Sun 04 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
Assessors of competence elements are now shown with a dark green background, consistent with how they are shown in competences.
00:00 Sat 03 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
The phone is working again.

You can now contact us by phone once again on 0118 321 8752, although please remember that support requests are far more productively raised via the support ticket system rather than by phone!
00:00 Fri 02 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
A certificate feature has been added to the top right hand corner of each competence and competence element award.

This is currently only available in A4, but will soon be available in A5 and credit-card size.
00:00 Fri 02 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to award a competence element to more than one user at a time.

Simply click the [Add] button next to the user name drop-down when awarding the element and additional name drop-down boxes will be added.

It is only possible to do this for a new award, not an updated one.
00:00 Thu 01 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible to add and edit 'news' stories that appear in a news list in the Community menu.
00:00 Thu 01 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
The first stage of the HOPS Asset Management system is now available.

It is possible to list assets, grouped by asset type for permissions administration, to record defects against an asset, to risk-asses them (both controlled and uncontrolled risk), to log updates against a defect, and to close it when it is rectified.

Some behind-the scenes setting up is required by me for organisations who wish to use this facility, such as defining the asset groups and the risk assessment scoring system.

We are currently in the process of building the cyclical maintenance functions of this part of the system.
00:00 Thu 01 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
The frequency with which headers repeat themselves (when set to do so) on the competence matrix has been made configurable.

This can be set in Departments > Department List > Edit.

The headings can still be set to 'scroll' or 'repeat', and the frequency setting is only relevant when 'repeat' is selected.

Note that scrolling headings do not work well when the competence table has so many positions that it pushes itself wider than the normal HOPS window.
00:00 Thu 01 Feb 2018
Scroggins; Danny
The formatting of the calendar organisation list has been improved to be (hopefully) more succinct.

It is also now possible to see which user originally created each record.
00:00 Sat 20 Jan 2018
Scroggins; Danny
The 'year' tabs at the top of the turn count matrix now run back as many years as data is available.
00:00 Mon 15 Jan 2018
Scroggins; Danny
HOPS has now successfully moved to a new server!

The new server has greater capacity and better performance. It, and all its associated architecture, backups, etc, are now serviced and maintained by a professional company, which relieves HOPS of a lot of high level maintenance work.

As well as the improved performance the new server brings, it also opens the way for other code improvement works that couldn't be easily managed on the old server.

We hope the new server helps improve everyone's use of HOPS.

Danny S.
00:00 Thu 27 Jul 2017
Scroggins; Danny
Separate fields for group bookings customers' telephone, email and postal addresses have been added to the Group Bookings system.
01:00 Sun 09 Jul 2017
Scroggins; Danny
It is now possible for a competence element's default expiry date to be dependent on the holders's age. This is particularly useful for medical competence elements.

The setting of this default is in the settings of the element (Competence > Competence Elements > Edit).

The thresholds for default competence lengths for each age range are not editable via the front end yet, but please let me know your requirements and I will enter them for you.

It is possible to set a default competence length for any number of 'up to' ages, ie:
- Up to 60, length = 10 years
- Up to 70, length = 5 years
- Above 70, length = 1 year.
00:00 Thu 01 Jun 2017
Scroggins; Danny
Two new pages have been added:

Operations Exceptions week, which shows the operating instructions and additional staff requirements for an 7-day period. New menu option is in the Calendars menu > Ops Exceptions.

Group Bookings week, which shows the group bookings for a 7-day period, including links to the reservation labels etc. Two links at the top of this page direct to a single file with all reservation labels in, and also a printer-friendly version of the weekly list.
00:00 Wed 03 May 2017
Scroggins; Danny
Some improvements to Group Bookings have taken place recently:

Old dates are now not shown in the list by default to reduce the need to scroll miles down the page. A 'show old bookings' link is available at the top to show the old ones.

[Add] links have been added to each date, to save the need to scroll miles back up to the top to add a new booking.

The method of changing the date of a booking has been made more robust to cope better with 'daily trains'. There is now a 'Change Date' link on the 'booking details' page instead of being able to edit the date in the 'booking edit' page.

The order of trains in bookings with more than one train has been improved to make them appear in time order.

A Payment Method field has been added.

The colour of the timetable in operation is now shown on the group bookings pages.

Non-passenger classes of train are no longer shown in the group bookings options.
01:00 Sun 16 Apr 2017
Scroggins; Danny
The titles of the internal group bookings advice sheets have been altered:

"Guard's sheet" is now "Group Booking Advice" (with "for the attention of the guard" in smaller letters underneath).
"Stations' sheet" is now "Group Booking & Payment Advice" (with "for the attention of the Station Master" in smaller letters underneath).

The key difference in principle between the sheets is that one has the payment information on and one doesn't, so that's what the proposed new headings reflect.

This is also so it can be used less prescriptively than only to Guards and Station Masters only, such as some railways who need to advise other departments such as the cafe, museum, workshop, etc, also smaller railways who don't always have guards and station masters, and also to encourage use by other museums etc who aren't railways at all. (The "for the attention of" bits are customisable by each company in System > (company) Details).
00:00 Sat 15 Apr 2017
Scroggins; Danny
Similar to emergency contact details, a warning when medical details are accessed has been added reminding the user that the details should only be accessed in an emergency. When the user confirms that it is legitimate and accesses the details, and email is sent to users with permission 278. This is to enable monitoring of access to this private information.

Users who routinely need access, such as those who update or confirm it with the users, can be given permission 277 to by-pass this check.
02:00 Thu 13 Apr 2017
Scroggins; Danny
A new page has been added in the Group Bookings system showing the Meet & Greeter for each booking on a monthly list.

Booking Office > Greeters.
02:00 Wed 12 Apr 2017
Scroggins; Danny
New permission 276 allows a user to 'follow' new competence element awards (per group).

This is the same as existing permission 204 is for competence awards, for competence element awards.
01:00 Tue 11 Apr 2017
Scroggins; Danny
The availability matrix, applicable to each roster, has had its axis swapped.

Names are shown on the left and side and dates on the top. Users with no availability return are not shown in the table any more, but noted underneath instead.

Hopefully this improves the readability of the matrix.
14:00 Fri 07 Apr 2017
Scroggins; Danny
Many low-level improvements and behind-the-scenes work has been taking place over the last few weeks. It is good to have time to improve some of these underlying functions etc to strengthen the system as a whole.

One little new feature for you: I have added an option for archiving grades (I'm amazed this hasn't come up before). It can be found in the (department) > Grades, then at the bottom. Let me know if you catch a grade lurking anywhere in the system in a selectable way once it's been archived.