Heritage Operations Processing System
Minor updates and code changes occur every day. Only significant or noteworthy updates are shown here. Updates shown with a gold background are only available to organisations subscribing to the Support Licence Scheme.

Time Date
System Updates
18 April 2019
Update 587
Danny Scroggins
A general update on some known issues:

- Email bounces when replying to HOPS messages. The messages ARE actually getting through, but the sender is receiving a bounce message to say that they aren't. The error message is in error.

- Auto-assign of turns timing out.

Both of these have exhausted our internal skills to resolve, and those of our external technical assistance. We are now engaging with the providers of the various management software we use in the delivery of HOPS to determine if any changes or updates made to their systems are incongruent with settings on ours. Certainly there is some evidence that changes to some configuration options aren't effective on our services.

I'm sorry that these problems are on-going - we do have the maximum sensible resources on the case. It is rare that HOPS faults occur that are beyond our internal ability to resolve, but when they do, the structure and particularly financial capacity of HOPS to draft in external help is a little limited (a limitation that is converted to a benefit to clients in the form of the low price of an SLS compared to other off-the-shelf ERP software). Costs to users would rise significantly if we were to protect against these very technical failures.

Everyone's understanding is much appreciated.

Danny S.
12 April 2019
Update 586
Danny Scroggins
A lot of work has gone on today regarding 'diagrams' on rosters.

Apart from making some parts of the system tidier, if anything is noticed to be wrong please let your HOSP Admin know (who will let me know) immediately.
12 April 2019
Update 585
Danny Scroggins
The Asset Management system can now deal with maintenance tasks that are required PER DAYS OF USE and PER MILES RUN. This is in addition to the existing 'per calendar days'.

It is therefore possible to set a maintenance task as being required in any combination of:
- Every x years, y months, z days
- Every x miles run
- Every y days of use

The miles run and days of use statistics are gathered from the checklist generation (defect / control measure monitoring) process.

It is also possible to specify, when logging a task as having been completed, whether it was completed before or after the day's use, to ensure the miles and day of use are or aren't counted in the countdown to the next instance of that task.

Please have a play and let me know what you find!

05 April 2019
Update 584
Danny Scroggins
'Grades' are now called 'Competence Levels' in HOPS.

This is to more-closely match the title of the concept with its functionality.

There has not been any change to the functionality of the system.

Hopefully there will be no instances of the word 'grade' left in HOPS now, but if you find any that remain, please let us know.


The word 'grade' has been used in railways for over a hundred years with many historical and regional variations on its meaning, many of which do not correlate with HOPS's use of the word to mean 'the level of competence that someone has in a position(/role)'.

It is often the case that the term "grade" is used colloquially to refer to what HOPS models as a position.

It is felt that using a less ambiguous term to describe the level of skill that a person has in a role will make the system easier to understand.

NO change has taken place to how the system functions in respect of grades/competence levels, just the name of this component of the system.

[Comments and feedback were sought on this change when it was proposed via the HOPS Consultation methods (consultation 2). If you are a HOPS Admin and are unaware of the HOPS Consultation Methods please contact Danny.]
05 April 2019
Update 583
Danny Scroggins
A lot of HOPS upgrade and tidying-up work has been uploaded today, particularly affecting rosters.

If you notice anything not working correctly please let us know.

HOPS Admins - if it is urgent, please telephone Danny's mobile for immediate action.
26 March 2019
Update 582
Danny Scroggins
An additional attribute has been added to Asset Types in the Asset Management System to enable/disable recording of defects on each asset type.

This is in recognition of the growing usage of the asset system for purposes other than defect recording, ie recording museum exhibits etc.

Additional 'fields' have been added for selection appropriate for this use as well. Please let us know of any other fields you require for selection (as you have already been doing!)
26 March 2019
Update 581
Danny Scroggins
A new chart showing ALL the maintenance tasks on assets of a particular type has been added.

This allows better visibility of upcoming maintenance tasks than the Asset Register Index, but without the need to delve into each asset asset individually.

It is also useful for when the 'next' maintenance task due is an insignificant one, but it shields a more significant one due soon after.

The chart can be found by clicking the name of the asset type at the top of that part of the Asset Register then selecting the 'Maintenance Tasks' tab.
26 March 2019
Update 580
It is now possible to record fixed information about assets such as height, width, number of seats, etc.

As each asset type is different each will require different fields so a central list of fields has been provided (HOPS > Asset Register > Asset Data Fields tab), and the fields required by each client can be selected from this list for each Asset Type.

To select the appropriate fields, browse to HOPS > Asset Register > Asset Types tab, then click 'Edit'.

I have populated the fields list with some obvious ones, but I am sure there will be thousands that everyone will want, so please feel free to send them to me or comment below and I (might!) add them. [Some fields are deliberately not being added as they conflict with future planned developments, such as 'rail type', 'sleeper type', etc.]

Some fields are text format, some number format, some date format, and some 'yes/no' format. Most fields have been added twice, once in imperial and once in metric.

It is possible to view a table of all the asset details for each asset type by clicking on the Asset Type title in the Asset Register (the usage list for all assets of the type and the defect list for all assets of the type have also been moved to here, bringing all the tables and charts that apply to all assets of the same type neatly together).

PS. You may also notice maps starting to appear around the Asset Management System - you are welcome to play, but these are still under development!
23 March 2019
Update 579
Some work has taken place to make the Quick-Assign box on rosters more efficient.

One change has been deliberately made, which is that users with expired competence now do appear on the 'additional' turns drop-down, even if the department doesn't allow expired users to be rostered to main turns. This is to enable a better mechanism for rostering expired staff for re-certs.

If you notice any problems or errors please let me know.
22 March 2019
Update 578

- The details of the incident are now shown to the people who can 'view their own actions'.

- New permission 338 to allow people to update their own actions (only).

- Users now receive an email when an action is assigned to them or unassigned from them.

- The register index now shows how many actions are outstanding or 'closed' when none are outstanding.

- A facility for deleting NMI register entries has been added to the bottom of the Edit page (permission 339 required).
18 March 2019
Update 577
A new tab has been added to Department Competence - "Lapsing (Inc Future)".

The current Lapsing tab (re-labelled "Lapsing (to date)" only shown the current lapsing state of users' competence.

The Lapsing Inc Future tab considers turns in the future, including those on unpublished rosters.

This is useful to see if anyone has been "missed" when monitoring lapses by seeing what the lapsing looks like 'in the future'.
18 March 2019
Update 576
The "list that shows the names and contact details of everyone in the department" has changed name (again!)

It is now the Department Staff List.

(Let's see how long that lasts....!)
18 March 2019
Update 575
The additional custom layers of Operations Calendar (Calendar Organisation) can now be added to a roster (makes a new column on the right hand side).

Which subjects are shown is configured in Roster Settings, and different calendar subjects can be selected for each department. The viewing user must also have permission.

This was invented to solve the issue of showing the issue of footplate passes in a calendar and on rosters, but could also be used for any number of other things - PW work, catering arrangements, end-of-day /shunting arrangements, etc.
18 March 2019
Update 574
Recording reasons why a person was removed from a turn:

A text box is now provided next to the 'unassign' button on the 'quick' menu to add some text describing the reason why the person was unassigned from the turn.

(The box is only visible when the turn is assigned to a person and the roster has been published).

The contents of the reason box are visible in the Turn History and also in an Unassign Remarks Report (permission 333 required). The report lists users in order of 'number of unassigned turn remarks' and clicking an entry will show a list of all the reasons for that user.

(It is up to your internal policy to decide what is entered in the box and in what circumstances, ie good/bad/etc)
18 March 2019
Update 573
Settings of "at least" or "exactly" competence levels and also shift start and end times has now been added to the list of 'tick box options' on roster.
18 March 2019
Update 572
The Volunteer for Turns email now highlights:

- Messages from the user
- If the user is already "busy" on that day
- If the user's competence doesn't meet the turn's.

The same information is also shown on the web browser version in the Volunteers for Gaps tab of the roster.
18 March 2019
Update 571
The Validation tab of rosters has been comprehensively updated and each validation item put into its own tab.

As before, "Insufficient Rest Periods" and "Excessive Length Turns" can only be accurately checked for turns that have times. If there are any turns in the roster without times then these tabs will show yellow instead of green if no infractions are found, as there still may be some outstanding in the turns without times. If there are no turns without times these tabs will show green.
14 March 2019
Update 570
A new beta layout for permissions has been created.

This groups the permissions by the part of the system they refer to, rather than what they are separated by.

For example, in the current system, all the permissions that are yes/no are together, all the permissions that are per-department are together.

In the new system all the permissions that relate to, say, rosters, are together, including those that are yes/no and those that are per-department.

The new beta version is available to view and use in one place: The permission group permissions page.

HOPS > HOPS Admin > Permissions Admin

Permission Groups tab

Click on 'Perms' for one of the group.

Click 'New Beta Layout' in the red box at the top.

The beta page works the same as the normal page, so permissions can be added and removed on this page as normal.

Hopefully arranging the permissions by the part of the system they refer to helps navigate the permissions system more easily.

Feedback welcome.
14 March 2019
Update 569
Membership types can now be edited by client users.
14 March 2019
Update 567
It is now possible to trigger an email when a question paper is completed.

Allocate permission 337 to those who need to receive the email (per competence element group).
14 March 2019
Update 566
Tick Box Mode on the Operations Calendar has now been made available in 'free' HOPS.

If you haven't seen this before, it is a link at the top right hand side of the Operations Calendar (column view) that allows the selection of multiple dates in the calendar onto which a timetable can be saved. This is much easier than adding it to each date individually.
13 March 2019
Update 564
A second-revised menu has now been implemented.

Hopefully this is better.

(We will perfect the background colours in the near future!)

Apologies for the issues this morning relating to usability with iphones/tablets/etc.
13 March 2019
Update 563
An 'add new' link has been added to the purchase order suppliers list so that suppliers can be added directly (instead of only via creating a PO).
13 March 2019
Update 562
Menu options relating to departments have been moved together into a new set of departments menus.

This enables the function-based menus to contain only the function-based options, and makes a more intuitive entry-route to department pages such as rosters and competence.
13 March 2019
Update 561
The Asset Management System can now record mileages and 'days in use'!

This is ideal for rolling-stock type assets, and will lead next to cyclical maintenance tasks being configurable by mileage and days of use as well as calendar days (as at present).

For each Asset Type there is now a 'record usage' attribute. (This is set to 'no' by default, so take no action to see no change.) When set to 'yes' (ticked) all the recording options become available.

The Asset Register Index shows mileage and days of use for the current year at-a-glance. (Permission 334 required to view usage.)

When producing a checklist for an asset type for which mileage is recorded, the work and date to which the checklist is applicable can be selected (defaults to tomorrow), this will automatically add mileage records for the selected assets, which means that this recording system will work almost silently with very little additional input work. The only additional input work is selecting the applicable date and diagram on the checklists that you're already producing. (Populating the drop-down list of mileage templates requires permission 336 and is a tab in the Asset Register index).

A new 'usage' tab in the Asset Details shows the history of the asset's use (permission 334 required to view).

Records can be edited at any time to take account of operating requirements where rolling stock might be added or removed during the day (permission 335 required to edit). New manual records can also be added from this screen.

The usage records are broken down by year, and there is also an 'all' tab.

As with other asset-based records, clicking the heading in the Asset Register will return the relevant data for all assets of the type, ie, all wagons in this case, with usage broken down by month/year/(or 'all') and by mileage / days in use.
07 March 2019
Update 560
A new attribute has been added to Position options to determine whether a person working in this position is considered 'busy'.

If the option is unticked, any turns in that position won't count towards a person being considered 'busy' for that day when other turns on the same day are considered for the orange background, auto-assign, etc.

The box is ticked by default so take no action to see no change.

This doesn't affect lapsing in any way.

This has been implemented to assist the growing number of organisations that use a roster for bunk bed bookings etc, where it wouldn't be helpful for a person to be shown as 'busy' because they had been allocated a 'turn' (bed) in the volunteer accommodation.
07 March 2019
Update 559
The 'Create New Roster' page has been updated:
- New date-pickers replace old ones
- Dates and roster title are more helpfully pre-populated
- The validation works more intuitively.
03 March 2019
Update 557
Danny Scroggins
The user "title" field (ie, Mr, Mrs) has been provisionally removed.

This field doesn't feed into any other part of HOPS but has a negative effect on the usability of some functions.

Searching on lists is made difficult by this field, for example searching for "Smith; D...." will find "Smith; David" but not "Smith; Mr David".
02 March 2019
Update 558
The current date on rosters is now highlighted with a blue box rather than a yellow background.
02 March 2019
Update 556
Danny Scroggins
The departments in the menu system have been ordered into discipline order.

This brings them into line with the many other parts of the system where departments are now arranged in this way.
28 February 2019
Update 551
Danny Scroggins
An additional filter has been added to the auto-assign feature to filter by the competence of each user. This is in addition to the existing filter to filter by the grade of the turn.
22 February 2019
Update 550
Danny Scroggins
Two improvements to the competence management systems of HOPS have been uploaded:

- Links around the competence pages have been improved, hopefully making the destination of the link more intuitive and improving the flow of navigation around the competence pages. Many links that previously sent the user to the person's competence profile (ie, 'back to the start') now lead to more intuitive destinations.

- A new field has been added to Competence Elements to enable detail of the required evidence / file uploads to be entered. This is then displayed in the relevant parts of the system where evidence and files are displayed to allow easy correlation between what the evidence is 'supposed' to look like and what it actually looks like.
17 February 2019
Update 549
Danny Scroggins
The 'Operations' tab in Roster Construction has been re-named as 'Functions' without change to how it works.

This is to avoid confusion between the Operations tab, the Operations menu, and many organisations have an Operations department!
15 February 2019
Update 548
Danny Scroggins
A new facility has been added to enable the filtering of grades for each position.

Previously the scope of grades was fixed once for the department, but now grades can be allowed/disallowed for each position.

By extension, it is therefore possible to set up completely different grade scopes for each position if required, by allowing only the required grades in each position.

Reminder - grades are levels of competence in a position. They must be in the same ladder of promotion as if a user is a 'level 6' grade in position X, they are also a level 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.

A user can have a different grade in each position, but can only have ONE grade in each position.
15 February 2019
Update 547
Danny Scroggins
A Facebook Group has been created for HOPS Admins.


A group for HOPS Administrators to have discussions, ask questions of each other, share best practice, etc.

Only genuine HOPS Admins will be accepted to maintain the integrity of the discussion.

This group runs in parallel to the discussion forum for HOPS Admins in HOPS itself (permission 106/110).

This is *not* a mechanism for raising support requests or bug reports "officially".

I (Danny) will post here more admin-oriented updates about HOPS developments than it sensible to post on the main page, I'll also post what I post on the System Updates list (HOPS > System > System Updates), with pictures, etc.

The Facebook Group is different from the Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/HeritageOps/ which is available to everyone and contains more 'public' updates.
15 February 2019
Update 546
Danny Scroggins
Editing of the Department Noticeboard now takes place in a tab at the top of the department page.

The menu option in the side menu will be removed after a transition period.

This is part of the general tidy-up to make configuration options more intuitive and sensibly located.
15 February 2019
Update 545
Danny Scroggins
I have also removed 'Dept Competence Expiry' from the menu system as this is now (and for several years has been) obtained via one of the tabs in Dept Competence.

This is part of a general policy of only having one menu option to each page in the system, rather than some pages having a menu option for each tab (or worse, some pages having menu options for some tabs and not all!)
12 February 2019
Update 544
Danny Scroggins
Further to the previous update, the menu option

Competence > Dept Grades & Elements

has now been removed as it was causing errors to occur.

The page has moved to the new central place where the competence management structure for each department is managed - in the gray tabs at the top of the department page.
12 February 2019
Update 543
Danny Scroggins
Configuration settings relating to
- Grades, Competence and Elements
- competence configuration options
- roster settings
- department settings

have now all moved to the same place, in a tab at the top of the department home page.

A description of each has been added to each page.

This will hopefully made administration of these configuration options simpler.

The old menu options will remain for a few weeks and will point to 'this page has moved' messages until this are removed.

Moving these configuration settings to the same page gives the opportunity to reduce the number of separate menu options.
09 February 2019
Update 542
Danny Scroggins
The showing of the grade on rosters is now configurable per-position (previously per-department).

The setting is configurable in the Positions editing pages.

All positions in departments that previously had grades shown have been set to show it, and all positions in departments that previously had grades not-shown have been set to not show it, so no action = no change.
09 February 2019
Update 541
Danny Scroggins
There is now an additional option to set the organisation's financial year start date in HOPS > System > XXX Details.

This drives the budget spend totals and quarters in the purchasing system.
07 February 2019
Update 540
Danny Scroggins
Links sent in HOPS-Comms messages are generally clickable in the recipients' email programs, either because they are sent in that format by HOPS or because the email program in which they are viewed recognises that they're a link and makes them 'clickable'.

We became aware that Office365 - don't you just love it - didn't recognise the links, but we have managed to now fix this, so hopefully links are clickable again in Office365.
07 February 2019
Update 539
Danny Scroggins
An accouting page has been added to the ID Cards system (permission 332 required). This shows all the cards billed in each monthly period.
07 February 2019
Update 538
Danny Scroggins
An option is now available on the red quick-assign drop-down on rosters, adjacent to the 'Unassign' button, to record a short note as to the reason for the turn being unassigned.

These reasons are displayed in the turn history, and also in a summary of turn-unassignments (permission 333 required).
07 February 2019
Update 537
Danny Scroggins
Roster Validation has been overhauled, and each element of the validation now appears on a separate tab.

The tabs are colour-co-ordinated in red/yellow/green indicating the positivity of the data concerned.
07 February 2019
Update 536
Danny Scroggins
Options have been added to the ID Card Cancellation screen to enable the holder's competence element record to be update when the card is cancelled.

This should be used if a card has been cancelled and the user won't be getting another one. The withdrawal of the competence element will ensure that any competences that were dependent on the ID Card revert to 'Incomplete'.
07 February 2019
Update 535
Danny Scroggins
A link to a user's Emergency Contact Details has been added to the ID Card Check Result screen.

As with the link to the user's competence profile, exactly the same security arrangements are in place for emergency contact details, ie, the viewer must be logged in with the appropriate permission. This is the same as it has always been in HOPS and the link on the ID Card Check Result screen does not change that in any way.
07 February 2019
Update 534
Danny Scroggins
The competence element editing page (for editing the configuration options of the element) has had notes added for each field to help explain the meaning of the field.
07 February 2019
Update 533
Danny Scroggins
The department list page has been tidied up to better-respect the relationships between departments and their disciplines.

A much-needed and long-awaited 'Department Archive' function has been added. This is available in the Department Details Editing page.

Archiving a department does not delete any information, it just makes everything to do with that department not visible in HOPS.... in theory! As you can imagine there are hundreds of places where departments appear in HOPS, and it is inevitable that archived departments will continue to appear in some places. Please help us out by letting us know where you see archived departments still appearing so that we can filter them out.
07 February 2019
Update 532
Danny Scroggins
Options relating to the expiry date of ID Cards has been added to the element configuration details.

Cards can currently be set to expire at the end of December, January, February or March.

An overlap-period is allowed, whereby cards issued that would have a very short life are valid to the following-but-one expiry month. This can be set to 1, 2 or 3 months.

For example, if cards expire in March, and the overlap period is set to 3 months:
- Cards issued in November 2018 will be valid to March 2019.
- Cards issued in December 2018 will be valid to March 2019.
- Cards issued in January 2019 will be valid to March 2020.
- Cards issued in February 2019 will be valid to March 2020.
- Cards issued in March 2019 will be valid to March 2020.
- Cards issued in April 2019 will be valid to March 2020.


The date on which cards will expire is shown in the card generation pages.
07 February 2019
Update 531
Danny Scroggins
The pages for issuing temporary ID cards are now online.

Temporary ID cards can be issued to a user who does not have a full card.

Temporary ID cards require the use of pre-printed card stationery, available from HOPS: https://www.heritage-ops.org.uk/product/280

When a temporary ID card is created the system advises the issuer of the details to hand-write on the card in order to ensure the card is properly logged in HOPS and returns 'valid' when scanned.
07 February 2019
Update 530
Danny Scroggins
The pages for activating ID cards are now online.

ID cards can be set to be activated immediately when they are printed or require the user to log in and acknowledge receipt. This is controlled in the element options.

In addition, local text can be added to the element options which will appear on the ID card activation screen and the user be required to 'agree' to in order to activate their card.
01 February 2019
Update 529
Danny Scroggins
It is now possible to add explanatory text to the top of a document folder page.

The text is edited by visiting the folder page and clicking 'Edit Folder'.
20 January 2019
Update 528
Danny Scroggins
A significant update to the question papers system has taken place.

A concept of 'versions' of question papers has been introduced. Users always take the version of the question paper that is applicable at the moment they start the test.

If a change is made to a question paper, or any new questions added, the change will only take effect from the next version.

Many changes can be prepared ready for the new version, without affecting current users, and only when completely ready, the question paper incremented to the next version.

The responses on question papers will always be compared to the questions and answers that were in operation in the version of the paper that the user took (removing the previous problem of changing an answer changing a user's score).

Note there is now no facility to edit an in-force question (yet). If an error is made and a question needs to be edited, please contact us.

Please also contact us if you find any problems.

Hopefully this considerably increases the value and usability of this tool.
13 January 2019
Update 527
Danny Scroggins
Draft 2 of the ID Cards System description is now available here:


New and altered text in red.

I am suspending development of the local printing options as these are expensive to HOPS to provide and expensive to clients to make use of (due to the small volumes of stationery required). No clients whatsoever have indicated they wish to use this functionality, but there has been great interest in the central printing option.

In balance, there will be no central processing of cards (ie the act of updating the competence element). This will now all be done at a local level, and HOPS will produce the cards that have been processed.
13 January 2019
Update 526
Danny Scroggins
Draft 2 of the ID Cards System description is now available here:

10 January 2019
Update 525
Danny Scroggins
Viewing the Competence Element list has been altered.

Users now only see the elements for which they have permission to view the element awards in the list (previously it showed ALL elements, with the ones they didn't have permission to look at greyed out).
10 January 2019
Update 524
Danny Scroggins
Dear Danny,

All of our competences are managed in "elements", these have expiry dates and we upload all evidence files to these.

The overall "competence" entry is really treated as an authority to work and doesn't hold any competence evidence relevance, but the Files & Evidence columns and tabs make us look bad because they say "No evidence".... when we know evidence does really exist in the competence element.



No problem. I have added a new attribute to Positions to say whether or not evidence files should be uploaded. If this is set to 'No', the Evidence columns and tabs aren't shown for competences in this position.

This is better than showing the alarming "No evidence", when no evidence is actually required for something that doesn't represent a competence.
08 January 2019
Update 523
Danny Scroggins
An email is now sent to a user:

- When a photo that they have uploaded to their own profile is approved
- When a photo that they have uploaded to their own profile is not approved
- When a photo that they have uploaded to someone else's profile is not approved

03 January 2019
Update 519
Danny Scroggins
LOADS of updates that had been programmed over the Christmas period have been uploaded yesterday and today:

- A new tab has been added to Asset Details called "Work Done". This summarises defect reports, defect updates, defect resolutions and maintenance tasks completed on an individual asset. A custom 'Work Arising Done' will be added to this as the next step for recording work done not arising from a defect or maintenance (ie restoration or casual work). New Permission 329 required.

- Custom sort orders have been added to the top of the defect lists to enable sorting by asset, date reported, controlled risk, uncontrolled risk, date closed.
03 January 2019
Update 520
Danny Scroggins
Some corrections have been made to the "Edit All" option on editing a base timetable.

This hopefully makes that function work a bit more reliably.
03 January 2019
Update 522
Danny Scroggins
The next tranche of work on ID cards has now been uploaded, including the page for printing* the cards.

(* - Note the card image is suppressed from the page at present pending discussion with each client organisation and further work on the QR codes.)

Several additional options have been added to the Competence Element configuration page to drive this, such as the wording of the 'letter' that accompanies the card, etc.

(The only page remaining on ID Cards is the Activation page.)

It is now possible, however, to dry-run a card through the whole process.
03 January 2019
Update 521
Danny Scroggins
The timetable "suite" has been added to the heading of timetables to make differentiation between identical timetables of different years easier.
28 December 2018
Update 518
Danny Scroggins
The HOPS permission system is very powerful, which makes it necessarily very complex. Some heavy work has now been done to improve the permission system interface.

- Groups for Roles and Departments:

As everyone knows, GROUPS are the best way to manage permissions in HOPS. Groups for a role (ie "Catering Manager") or groups for a department (ie "All Signalmen").

A each permission group is generally one or the other of these, groups now have the option to allow allocation to individuals switched on or off, and the option to link departments switched on or off. This makes for easy separation between groups for roles and groups for departments.

The permission groups list now shows how many individuals and how many departments are link to each group (with a '-' if such allocations are configured away).

- Showing/hiding yellow and red permissions for a group

Also, each group can now be set to show or hide the 'yellow' and 'red' permissions. This makes it easy to set the group as requiring 'Front Line Permissions Only', or 'Allowing Permissions up to [yellow] Manager Level Only' or 'Allow All Permissions [including red]'. This makes the assigning permissions tick boxes much more manageable, and reduces the possibility of accidentally assigning a yellow or red permission where it isn't appropriate.

- Reducing the number of department options

Finally, each permission group now also has an option to configure whether to show the permission options for all departments when allocating permissions, or just for one department. Generally permission groups will require permissions from only one department, or all, rarely in between. When a single department is selected, only permissions relating to that department will be shown.

* * *

As these facilities have been implemented, HOPS has taken a best-guess on existing permission groups - if only departments were in the group it has been set to not accept individuals; if only individuals were in the group it has been set to not accept departments; if no red permissions were in the group is has been set to not allow them; if no yellow or red permissions were in the group it has been set to not allow them. Of course the configuration options can be changed to whatever is required at a local level.

If this best-guess process causes anyone a significant problem please let us know and we will sort whatever needs sorting.
26 December 2018
Update 516
Danny Scroggins
It is now possible to copy asset components (and families) from one asset to another. This is ideal for assets where there are numerous identical instances, such as lengths of track or other infrastructure assets.

Remember there are up to FOUR levels of asset breakdown -
Asset Family (ie 'carriages')
Asset (ie 'carriage 123')
Component Family (ie, 'doors') optional
Component (ie, 'door 2') optional.
26 December 2018
Update 515
Danny Scroggins
The presentation of departments on the HOPS Home screen has been changed again. This is due the previous 'new' format producing some aesthetically unsatisfactory results in cases of organisations with large numbers of departments.

The present format is temporary while we think again of how to best present the department list in a format that suits all extremes of HOPS usage.
21 December 2018
Update 513
Danny Scroggins
The HOPS Office is now closed for Christmas, it will re-open on Wednesday 2 January.

In case of any problems please raise a ticket as normal, or contact Danny Scroggins by mobile (especially if urgent).

Thank you to everyone for another great year of HOPS - definitely the best year so far! HOPS enters its tenth year in 2019!
21 December 2018
Update 514
Danny Scroggins
In the user profile, "Skills & Background" has moved to the organisation's tab.

("Date info checked" has moved to the front tab).
21 December 2018
Update 512
Danny Scroggins
Thanks to everyone for the great feedback on the files listing improvement (update 509).

A further update has been made that includes HOPS Question Papers with the files to give a stronger "Evidence" section to demonstrate competence.
21 December 2018
Update 511
Danny Scroggins
Permission 29, adding and removing members to/from a department has been reduced to just ADDING members to a department.

New permission 327 now controls removing members from a department. This allows separation of controls for adding members to a department from removing them.

Everyone (and group) who had 29 has been given 327, so no action = no change.
19 December 2018
Update 510
Danny Scroggins
In connection with the development of HOPS ID cards, and the enthusiasm shown by a number of railways to adopt them, the profile photo rules have been altered.

HOPS is now only ideally looking for passport-style profile photos to be uploaded. (This is because the purpose of uploading photos is for identification, rather than expressions of personality.)


17 December 2018
Update 509
Danny Scroggins
A new tab has been added to the Position Competence List and the Competence Element Competence List that summarises all the evidence files uploaded to each competence.

This enables easier seeing at-a-glance where competence evidence exists.

Accessible for a Competence via:
HOPS > Competence > Dept Competence> (dept) > (click on Position column heading) > Files tab.

Accessible for a Competence Element via:
HOPS > Competence > Competence Elements > (select the element) > Files tab.
17 December 2018
Update 508
Danny Scroggins
User photos have been removed from the HOPS-Comms inbox to improve performance.
14 December 2018
Update 507
Danny Scroggins
User photos are now displayed again, and are editable (under the new permissions 323, 324) from the user profile pages as before.
13 December 2018
Update 498
Danny Scroggins

This is deliberate, and temporary, as part of the HOPS ID Card developments.

It is not necessary to report a fault.
13 December 2018
Update 506
Danny Scroggins
ID Cards: The code for "processing" ID Cards has now been uploaded.

This converts the waiting cards into competence element awards in the applicable element.
13 December 2018
Update 505
Danny Scroggins
Visits to Operations Personnel: The visits to "all staff in all positions" list now doesn't show people/position combinations where the person holds no competence.

Everyone (and every permission group) who previously had permission to upload photos has obtained this new permission automatically, so no action = no change.
13 December 2018
Update 504
Danny Scroggins
A new permission 325 has been added for photos. This is now the permission required for users to upload photos of themselves.

This allows separation between the permission for a user to edit their details, and the permission for a user to upload new photos.
13 December 2018
Update 503
Danny Scroggins
Additional fields have been added to user profiles:

Background - for the user to enter details of their background experience, etc.

Skills - a locally-defined list of skills with tick-boxes for the user to tick, ie "mechanics", "customer service", "gardening", etc.

New Permission 326 required to configure the list of selectable skills.

A new menu option in Community > Background & Skills is available where skills and background can be searched. (New permission 325 required). If the organisation suddenly needs the help of someone skilled in architecture or welding or negotiating with local councils, etc, the list can be searched to see if anyone mentioned any similar skills when giving details of their background and experience.

(This can all be switched off in System > XX Details, if not required)
13 December 2018
Update 502
Danny Scroggins
Asset Defect Owners: It is now possible to view a list of defects by owner.

Asset Management > Defect Owners - select owner.

Ideal for seeing defects across many types owned by a single owner.
13 December 2018
Update 501
Danny Scroggins
Visits to Operations Personnel: The visits to "all staff in all positions" list now doesn't show people/position combinations where the person holds no competence.
13 December 2018
Update 500
Danny Scroggins
It is now possible to configure the colours for risk assessment results.

Ie, < 6 = green
7-12 = yellow
12-20 = orange
> 20 = red


This is intended to align with the organisation's existing Risk Assessment policies for what action should be taken based on the risk assessment score.
13 December 2018
Update 499
Danny Scroggins
Improvements have been made to the page where new defects are reported to make the selection of asset types and assets more intuitive.

Format improvements have also been made to the Asset Register Index.

LINEAR ASSETS: A new feature of asset types has been added for "linear" assets - ie, track, fences, drainage, etc. Defects logged on assets of these types present an additional Mileage field for reporting the mileage of the defect. Mileages can either be "at 1m 2c" or "between 3m 4c and 5m 6c".
28 November 2018
Update 497
Danny Scroggins
The arrangement of Departments on the Home page has been improved, as many organisations now have a large number of departments the old arrangement was unsatisfactory.

Departments can be re-arranged between the boxes on the Home page by allocating them to different Discipline groups.


In some cases this has created a lot of blank green space at the top of the menus for some organisations.

The green boxes into which departments are now sorted are the "Disciplines" (recycled from "Directors" which never found a purpose to serve).

The old arrangement of departments in an endless block attracted a lot of complaints, especially as departments would move position if a new department was added above them.

(For info, most organisations have moved towards disciplines of Operations, Engineering, Commercial, Administration, and that seems to fit the grouping of departments into four nice boxes.)

Departments can be re-arranged between the boxes on the Home page by allocating them to different Discipline groups (HOPS > Departments > Department List).

If anyone has some disciplines with a huge number of departments in, and others with a tiny number, and therefore space continues to be wasted, please let me know as I can some of the discipline boxes take up more than one 'square'.

This rearrangement of departments was one of a number of thoughts I'd had which would ultimately lead to the removal of the green menu options from the Home page - as they are available in the menu on the left and in the footer - it seemed a bit wasteful to have them in the main body of the page as well. There has been a lot of pressure to allow more localisation of the main body of the home page, so that's where I was moving towards. Feedback welcome.


If none of this makes any sense whatsoever and you wish to discuss further - please get in touch.

Danny S.
27 November 2018
Update 496
Danny Scroggins
"Directors" has been re-badged as "Disciplines" (and moved from the System menu to the Departments menu).
26 November 2018
Update 495
Danny Scroggins
The Organisation Details (and Editing) page have been spruced up with notes added to hopefully make each field a bit easier to understand in context.

The distinctions between the different company names has been made clearer, and a new field 'Operating Company Name' added.
17 November 2018
Update 494
Danny Scroggins
A new personal 'My NMI Actions' page has been added (permission 314) required. This is to allow users to see actions they own without giving permission to see the entire register.

17 November 2018
Update 493
Danny Scroggins
Committing of timesheets has been made a separate permission - 313.
17 November 2018
Update 492
Danny Scroggins
A large amount of new work has been uploaded in connection with the ID Cards System (which is what it will now be called instead of the Work Permit system, allowing each organisation to determine the exact title wording it requires):

- A set of ID Cards administration pages have been added in the Community menu (permission 289 required). This shows cards that have been ordered and their staging through issuing to expiry or cancellation.

- Cards can be generated from here (if allowed in the element configuration, see below) for either an individual user or a batch of users (or all users).

- Cards can be cancelled (before or after they are produced).

- Additional configuration details have been added to IS Card Special Competence Elements determining whether the cards for this element can be created at the bottom of the User Details Editing screen, whether the cards for this element can be created in the ID Cards pages, when ID cards become active (immediately, when scanned by the railway or when activated by the user).
12 November 2018
Update 474
Danny Scroggins
Addition NMI categories added for Equipment Damage. List sorted into sensible order.
07 November 2018
Update 475
Danny Scroggins
Asset Maintenance Tasks page tidied up.
06 November 2018
Update 476
Danny Scroggins
"Refresh Period" changed name to "Lapse Period" to gain consistency with other parts of the system.
02 November 2018
Update 477
Danny Scroggins
Function Logs historical log tab adjusted to provide a 'from' and 'to' date, instead of just a single date in history.
01 November 2018
Update 478
Danny Scroggins
Timesheet system launched for recording hours worked by paid employees.

- Hours can be drawn from rosters.
- Hours can be amended on timesheets.
- Breaks calculated based on shift length.
- Separation of 'booked' and 'actual' times
- Identification of overtime.
- Conversation to pay statement.
31 October 2018
Update 480
Danny Scroggins
Is it now possible to initiate firstname and surname changes from the web interface, instead of needing to request them be email or support ticket.

The same rules apply - no silly names!
30 October 2018
Update 481
Danny Scroggins
The user list (Community > XX User List) now has A, B, C tabs at the top.

When first loaded the list will show ALL users - if you have a huge number of users and the list takes a long time to load, this can be disabled in System > XX Details, "Load ALL Users in User List when no letter is selected".
28 October 2018
Update 479
Danny Scroggins
Hours worked on rosters can now have their times challenged (permission 309 required to challenge, 310 to accept/reject).

This is to enable better capturing of 'actual' time worked, especially in connection with timesheets.
27 October 2018
Update 482
Danny Scroggins
The View Availability tab has been tidied to make clearer those who have not returned any availability, and avoid cluttering up those who have with those who haven't.
22 October 2018
Update 487
Danny Scroggins
Facilities added to adjust the minutes sectional running time in the Timetables system.
21 October 2018
Update 488
Danny Scroggins
Facilities added to adjust properties of Timing Points in Timetables system.
04 October 2018
Update 483
Danny Scroggins
Support Ticket system updated.
02 October 2018
Update 484
Danny Scroggins
Concept of 'owner' of a defect added. Owners are picked from a pre-defined list (ie, 'S&T Manager', etc)
27 September 2018
Update 485
Danny Scroggins
Boxes for entering comments on candidate's answers added to marking page as well as reviewing page.
24 September 2018
Update 486
Danny Scroggins
Budget Spend page in purchasing system adjusted to allow configurable period start dates. Financial year start date set in System > XX Details.

Spend is broken down by quarter.
31 August 2018
Update 489
Danny Scroggins
Extra tabs added to competence elements pages to show
- 'positions that require this element'
- 'users with competences that require this element'
- 'All users' status in relation to this element'
31 July 2018
Update 473
Danny Scroggins
HOPS > Competence > Competence Elements > (select an element) shows a detail list of holders of that element.

HOPS > Competence > Dept Competence, Elements tab, then clicking the column heading of an element shows a detail list of holders of that element in the department.

A new tab has been added to show all the people who SHOULD have that element (based on their competences).

This hopefully enables easier identification of those who are missing the element.
30 July 2018
Update 472
Danny Scroggins
An additional attribute has been added to Competence Element Configuration intended for First Aid related elements.

When ticked, the first aid symbol will appear next to user's names on rosters, etc.
20 June 2018
Update 490
Danny Scroggins
Asset Management System introduced for initial use and feedback.
12 June 2018
Update 491
Danny Scroggins
'Adding a trainee' added to the list of 'tick box actions' on Roster Construction.
22 May 2018
Update 471
Danny Scroggins
A composite defect control measure checklist has been added to the Asset Management menu.

This allows the selection of several assets to be printed on the same checklist.