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Steam Footplate Crew
Diesel Footplate Crew
Station & Platform Staff
Guards & Ticket Collectors
Signalmen & Signal Boxes
S&T Technicians
Permanent Way

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Waistcoats: Great Western   |   Southern Railway   |   LNER   |   LMS   |   British Railways
Embroidered Badges & Patches
Embroidered Lapel Patches   |   Embroidered Cap Badges
Metal Badges
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Pins & Brooches: BR Arrows Pin   |   Miniature Totem Pin   |   Coat of Arms Pin   |   Button Pins / Tie Pins   |   Presentation Coats of Arms   |  

Totem Cap Badges: British Railways Totem   |   Guard Totem   |   Ticket Collector Totem   |   Porter Totem
Flags, Lamps & Batteries
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Lamps & Batteries: Halo Lamp Charger   |   LED 4-Colour Torch   |   Belt Holder for LED Torches
Points Operating Equipment
Clips & Scotches: Point Scotch
Great Central   |   DB   |   Freight Sectors   |   Grand Central
Swindon Panel Society Items
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Membership: Swindon Panel Society Membership   |  

Merchandise: Swindon Panel Polo Shirt   |   Panel Method Book

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Grease Top Hat
Passenger Guard Caps
Signalman / Porter / Goods Guard Caps
Station Master Caps
Ticket Collector Caps
British Railways Uniform Waistcoat
GWR Uniform Waistcoat & Tie
LMS Uniform Waistcoat & Tie
LNER Uniform Waistcoat & Tie
Plain Waistcoat
Southern Railway Uniform Waistcoat & Tie
Swindon Panel Polo Shirt
Leather Driver's Bag
Ties & Tie Slides...
BR Arrows Tie Slides
BR Totem Tie Slides
Railway Company Tie Slides
Individual Jacket Buttons
Individual Waistcoat Buttons
Metal Cap Badges...
Brass Cap Letters
British Railways Fishtail Cap Badges
British Railways Totem Cap Badges
Custom Totem Cap Badge
Guard Totem Cap Badges
Metal Cap Badges...
Lion & Wheel Cap Badges
Oval Cap Badges
Porter Totem Cap Badges
Ticket Collector Totem Cap Badges
Metal Pin Badges...
Black Enamel BR Era Job Title Badges
BR Arrows Pin
Metal Pin Badges...
Button Pins / Tie Pins
Christmas Badges & Cufflinks
Coat of Arms Pin Badges
Job Title Badges
Miniature Totem Pin Badges
Presentation Coats of Arms Badges
Metal Pin Badges...
Rectangle Job Title Badges
Embroidered Badges...
Embroidered Cap Badges
Embroidered Lapel Patches
BR 1 Key
BR Main Line Diesel Key
Brass GWR Signal Box Key
Carriage, Bell & Heater Key (T-Key)
Enclosed Carriage Key Holder
Key Holder
Dispatch Bat
Guard's Flags
Handsignalling / Signal Box Flags
Lookout's Flag
Belt Holder for LED Torches
Halo Lamp Charger
LED 4-Colour Torch
Dusters & Registers...
Guard's Journal Book
Dusters & Registers...
Level Crossing Occurrence Book
Signal Box Occurrence Book
Train Register
Armbands / Armlets...
Pilotman Armband (Elastic Strap)
Whistles, Chains, Counters & Clippers...
BR Plastic Whistle
Leather Ticket Clipper Belt Holder
Whistles, Chains, Counters & Clippers...
Metal Whistles
Passenger Counter
Ticket Clippers
Whistle Chain & Hook
Whistle Chain and Button Tab
Track Equipment...
Custom Signal Number Plate
Track Equipment...
Lookout Horn
Mugs BR...
DB Mug
Freight Sector Mugs
Grand Central Mug
Mugs LNER...
Great Central Railway Mug
Subsriptions & Services...
Panel Method of Operation Book
Subsriptions & Services...
Swindon Panel Society Membership
Clips, Scotches & Handles...
Point Scotch

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