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Access to personal information held about users should be controlled appropriately. The Data Protection Act is complex and it is recommended you seek professional advice.

This help topic does not advise on WHETHER information should be shared, but details how it can be shared once you have determined where it is appropriate to do so.

Users can set their own privacy settings to one of 'Top', 'Medium', 'Low' privacy.

When set to HIGH, the details will only be visible to users with permission 91 (railway wide) or 90 (department). These permissions should only be allocated to users who need to view users' contact information for the purposes of managing the company, which is the purpose for which the user gave the information in the first place. This could include personnel administrators, daily managers who might need the information to contact a member of staff or in an emergency, etc. There are other permissions for viewing medical, emergency contact, etc, data, to which the high/medium/low system doesn't apply.

When set to MEDIUM, the details will be visible to other users in the same departments as the user. This is ideal for departments where users may wish to contact each other or be contact to swap turns etc.

When set to LOW, the details will be visible to all other users at the railway.

Users who have the capability to edit other users' personal details do not, by default, have the capability to edit their privacy settings. An additional permission (231) is available to enable them to do this. This permission is a 'red cruciform' permission, meaning it is intended for adminstrators only, and should be used sparingly.

When editing another user's privacy settings please ensure that the user themselves has consented to their details being shared.

If the context of the sharing of the user's details is something that doesn't require their consent (because it is directly in line with the purpose for which the user gave their information in the first place - ie, managing the company/operation), then consider granting the permissions detailed above to the users who 'need to know' instead.

HOPS is continually being developed and updated. Sometimes the screen shots in these help files might lag behind the most up-to-date views of the screens. Generally, however, the functionality of the page will be the same, albeit with a slightly different format or layout.

Thank you very much indeed to Emma Patrick for writing these support pages.