Heritage Operations Processing System
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Select 'Input My Availability from the 'Rostering' menu.
The left-hand column lists all the dates on which the departments to which you belong have turns to cover. Beneath the date is the timetable operating on that date.

Across the top of the page are all the departments that use this system to which you belong. Beneath the department name is the closing date for bids of availability for this roster.

For each department with turns to cover:

- Tick the 'Y' (Yes) box if you wish to make yourself available on the date in the left-hand column for the department at the top of the column, or the 'N' (No) box if you wish to indicate you are not available.

(If you belong to more than one department you can make yourself available for more than one department on the same day. The roster clerks in the relevant departments are given means of knowing if another roster clerk has booked you to work on a particular day.)

- If the 'Y' and 'N' boxes are in red they are awaiting your input.

- If 'YES' or 'NO' or '?' is displayed instead of tick-boxes, then bidding in that department has closed. '?' means you did not state whether or not you were available.

- If nothing is shown for a particular department on a particular date then there are no turns to cover on that date.

If there is more than one shift period to be covered on a particular day, ie, Early Shift and Late Shift, this will be shown in the relevant place and you can state your availability separately for each shift.

In some cases you will be able to add a [Note] or a message for the roster clerk.

When you have finished, click the 'Save' button.

You can return and edit your availaiblity as many times as you like up until the point at which the availability input period closes.

If you wish to save your availability part-way through then you can do that and then carry on editing.
When you have entered all the availability you wish to click on 'Save'.
A confirmation screen will be shown. The availability shown on the confirmation page is the availability that has been saved.

HOPS is continually being developed and updated. Sometimes the screen shots in these help files might lag behind the most up-to-date views of the screens. Generally, however, the functionality of the page will be the same, albeit with a slightly different format or layout.

Thank you very much indeed to Emma Patrick for writing these support pages.