Heritage Operations Processing System
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After setting up a date on the calender with a timetable, if I then want to add a couple of extra duties for one specific date is there anyway of doing it without creating a totally new timetable page?


Here's how it works:

- The 'standard' turns for a particular timetable go on the template.
- When you construct a new roster you can instruct the database to stamp the template onto every day in the roster with the relevant colour timetable.
- Then you can edit what has been stamped on the roster, either DELETING turns from the roster that are in the template (because that train isn't running today), or EDITING (because that train is staying out longer today), or ADDING additional turns onto the roster that aren't on the template (because an extra train is running today).

Whatever changes you make to the roster won't affect the template in any way, and the 'standard' turns will still be there next time you come to use the template.

You definitely don't have to create a new timetable just for the odd day.

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