Heritage Operations Processing System
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If you have bought a hat from the shop and need to return or swap it, please send it back to:

Heritage Operations Processing, Unit 3, The Cider Warehouse, Bridge Court, Totnes, Devon. TQ9 5DB

If you are returning the hat because we have sent the wrong size, or because it is not the size it says in the label (ie, has been manufactured incorrectly) then we will cover the postage for a replacement hat. If the hat is the size that was ordered and is actually what it says in the label then we normally ask the customer to make a payment of £3.00 to cover the return postage. This can be done through the normal website here: http://www.heritage-ops.org.uk/product_detail.php?p=202 (or search for product 302 in the shop), or by including coins in the box with the returned hat. (Please do not sent a cheque).

PLEASE please please also include a COVERING NOTE that refers to your ORDER NUMBER and WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE INSTEAD (ie replacement size or refund), and then our shop staff will sort it out for you. We sometimes receive random items back through the post with no information and have to spend ages working out what's what!

You can check the sizes of hat that are available for replacement via the website. If a size of hat is out of stock you are welcome to still request that size and we will keep your order on record until the size is available again and then send your replacement.

If you wish to have a swap for a different size then please avoid, if possible, starting a new order for the new size and sending the original back for a refund. Instead please just return the original for a swap.

HOPS is continually being developed and updated. Sometimes the screen shots in these help files might lag behind the most up-to-date views of the screens. Generally, however, the functionality of the page will be the same, albeit with a slightly different format or layout.

Thank you very much indeed to Emma Patrick for writing these support pages.