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JAM Background

Jet Age Museum is the public element of Gloucestershire Aviation Collection (GAC), a registered Charity No 297818 and a registered Company No 02141333, covering the collection of aircraft and exhibits focussed on the work of the former Gloster Aircraft Company. The Gloster Aircraft Company is particularly well-known for the production of the prototype jet aircraft, the E28/39, powered by the allied nations' first jet engine designed by Sir Frank Whittle.

Role Description

Volunteer Guides welcome and engage with visitors of all ages, especially families, to ensure that they understand and get the most out of the Jet Age experience whilst remaining safe within the museum environment.

Role Responsibilities

Jet Age Volunteer Guides are responsible for:
• Providing excellent customer care by being polite and helpful at all times.
• Ensuring that safety standards in the museum are maintained with any problems being reported immediately.
• Supporting other volunteers in their specific roles. Informing the Duty Manager (DM) of unusual or difficult events that may require the DM's specific attention.
• Exercise control of and for visitors in adverse circumstance.
• Comply fully with the Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy.
• Comply with specific ToRs for the role in which employed.
Additionally, there are other specific responsibilities for each of the exhibits/volunteer roles within the museum.


Volunteer Guides do not have any budget responsibilities.

Number of Positions Available


Term Length



To attend and enjoy engaging with others in the Volunteer Team and with our visitors for 2 days or 4 half-days per month or more when possible.


Jet Age Museum
Meteor Business Park
Cheltenham Road East

Volunteer / Employed

This is a volunteer position.

These are volunteer positions. There are no paid employees. Volunteers must be members of GAC. Benefits of being a member and volunteer include: • Gaining experience of volunteering in the heritage sector with a vibrant and diverse community. • A self-development opportunity. • The opportunity to give something back to the community. • Opportunities to inspire and excite the younger generation and provide then with an experience that will help them develop as an individual and member of society. • Club night every last Wednesday of each month. • Able to enjoy volunteering in an aviation environment. • Use of Volunteer Library with an extensive collection of exhibit-related books. • Free tea/coffee whilst on shift at Jet Age Museum.


This is not a managerial position.

Volunteer Guides are not initially employed as Managers; however, volunteers are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities to join other elements of the Jet Age volunteer cadre, including those involving organisation and management, for which formal training may be required.


This is a safety critical position or a position that carries safety responsibilities.


• Able and enthusiastic about engaging with people.
• Enthusiastic about aviation and about providing inspiration and excitement to visitors, particularly children.
• Good communication skills.
• Flexible/adaptable and able to deal with busy situations.
• Willing to operate alone or in a team.
• Conduct oneself in a mature and responsible manner.
• Reliable with good time management skills.
• Self-motivated/shows initiative.
• Confidence in dealing with basic questions and an understanding of when to pass more complex questions on to another volunteer or the DM.
• Vigilant with an understanding of the need to keep visitors and exhibits safe.

PREFERRED:  • Basic knowledge of the aviation industry, civil and/or military.
• Basic knowledge of the theory of flight.
• Basic knowledge of aircraft operating principles.


None required; all training for the role of Guide will be On the Job Training (OJT). Museum skills training opportunities are available for those who wish to achieve a greater understand of the museum sector.


All volunteers must complete a half-day Induction Course held at Jet Age Museum and complete an annual refresher on Health & Safety and Fire & Evacuation procedures.

Closing Date

Open-ended / No specific closing date.


The Volunteer Co-ordinator
Jet Age Museum
Meteor Business Park
Cheltenham Road East

Website: http://www.jetagemuseum.org/

Email: jetagemuseum@hotmail.co.uk

Vacancy Ref: 132.