Heritage Operations Processing System
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Automatic Rostering Overview

If availability is entered into HOPS (either by users directly or by the roster clerk), the system can automatically assign users to turns as economically as it can.

There are some careful calculations built into the system so that it can cover as many turns as it can. For example, if there are turns to cover on Monday and Tuesday, person A is available for both and person B is available for Monday only. It won't fall into the trap of assigning person A to Monday, and then be unable to cover Tuesday.

The automatic assigning of turns function is only run when called directly by the roster clerk, so s/he keeps full control.

Only turns that are currently unassigned will be assigned by the system, so any turns that are already assigned by the roster clerk will be left alone. Turns will be assigned to staff who are available, competent, not already rostered on that date, or the day before or after and have not exceeded the number of turns they requested when entering their availability.

Once the automatic assigning of turns function has been run, the roster clerk can still edit/replace/override what HOPS has done if required. There is also the option to unassign all the turns that were assigned by HOPS if required (without unassigning the turns assigned by the roster clerk).

HOPS is continually being developed and updated. Sometimes the screen shots in these help files might lag behind the most up-to-date views of the screens. Generally, however, the functionality of the page will be the same, albeit with a slightly different format or layout.

Thank you very much indeed to Emma Patrick for writing these support pages.