Heritage Operations Processing System
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HOPS now gives heritage railways the opportunity to advertise events and appeals with us.

This is one of the few places guaranteed to be seen by enthusiasts actively involved in heritage railways.

A tailored package can be offered to suit the needs of the railway or group. Ads can be run between particular dates or times, or one of a number of ads shown randomly. Ads can link to your site or wherever else you specify.

Your ad can either be text or an image (115 wide x max 500px tall) or a combination of both.

If you would like more information please contact us now!

HOPS is continually being developed and updated. Sometimes the screen shots in these help files might lag behind the most up-to-date views of the screens. Generally, however, the functionality of the page will be the same, albeit with a slightly different format or layout.

Thank you very much indeed to Emma Patrick for writing these support pages.