Heritage Operations Processing System
As well as the help notes here, we also recommend searching the 'System Updates' pages.


* Operations Calendar Overview
* Traffic and Operating Notices Overview
* Additional Turns on one or two dates
* Assigning a timetable to a calendar date.
* Uploading department-specific documents to calendar dates


* Competence Management Overview
* Accessing a Department's Competence Matrix
* Adding a New Competence to a User
* Competence Assessors
* Default Competence Length
* Refresh Period
* Removing a User's Competence
* Updating a User's Competence
* What's the Difference between Lapsed and Expired


* Discussion Forum Overview

Function Logs

* Function Log Overview


* HOPS Admins' Workshops - Winter 2018/9
* How to stop emails from HOPS from going into the spam box
* Advertise with HOPS
* Printer Friendly Versions

Group Bookings

* Adding a New Group Booking
* Editing an existing Group Booking

Purchase Orders

* Adding a New Purchase Order
* Editing an Existing Purchase Order
* Marking a Purchase Order Flag for payment/delivery/receipt/etc


* Automatic Rostering Overview
* Availability Collection Overview
* Rostering Overview
* Volunteer for Vacant Turns Overview
* Adding a Trainee to a Turn
* Assign Turns
* Collect availability for different periods in the day, ie, evenings
* Collecting of Availability
* Creating a New Roster
* Input Your Availability
* Logic on Insertion of Turns from Templates
* Open / Close Availability
* Symbols and Codes on Rosters

Short Notice Cover

* Short Notice Cover Overview

System Administration

* HOPS Downtime - 27/28 November 2019
* Password Rules
* Permissions
* Support Scheme FAQs


* Creating a new timetable
* Removing a timetable.

Users & Contact Information

* Contact Details Overview
* Adding a New Member to a Department
* Adding a new user to the railway
* Archiving a user from the railway
* Changes Awaiting Acceptance
* Changing User Names
* E-mail Validation Options
* E-mail Validation States
* Editing the contact details of a user
* ID Card Printing Schedule
* Offline Users
* Profile Photos
* Re-issuing an e-mail validation e-mail
* Resetting a user's password
* Sharing Users' Contact Details
* Upgrading an Offline user to a Live user
* Validation of E-mails

WON Notices & Speed Restrictions

* Adding a new Speed Restriction
* Adding a new WON Notice
* Editing an existing Speed Restriction
* Editing an existing WON Notice
* Producing Speed Restriction Wires / Late Notices
* [EP] Producing WON Notice Wires / Late Notices

Department Admin

* Adding / Editing a Department
* Remove an existing Department


* Product Price Alterations
* Returning Hats
* Returning Products
* Shipping Outside the UK