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Rostering - Users

Rostering is one of HOPS's strongest features. It provides a robust single source of truth for staff working arrangements, and recording of work done for integration with competence.

There are also other good rostering functions such as e-mail reminders to staff about their upcoming turns.

Specific FacilitiesBasic HOPSAdvanced HOPSDetail
VIEW Published RostersAllows the user to view rosters in their department.
VIEW My RosterAllows the user to VIEW their personal roster of turns.
VIEW My Roster for Other UsersAllows the user to view the personal roster of all other users in the department
Input AvailabilityAllows user to input their availability. Availability is only open between the dates set on the Roster Period, or until the clerk closes the availability.
Insert notes on daily availabilityAllows the user to insert DAILY notes to the roster clerk on their availability input.
Insert notes on Roster PeriodAllows the user to insert notes to the roster clerk at the bottom of their availability input.
Rostering Principles VIEWAllows the user to view rostering principles for the department.
EMAIL Receive Vacant Turns AppealsAllows the user to receive an e-mail x days before a turn that has not been covered, and appealing for the recipient to cover it (intended for staff).
Offer Up TurnsThe user can offer up their turns in the department to other users (the turn remains theirs until a replacement is found).
Mutual Swap TurnsThe user can take part in mutual swaps for turns. Both the users involved in the swap need this permission.
Challenge Turn TimesThe user can challenge the times of their turn.
View ReservesUser can view reserves on rosters (users can always view when they themselves are a reserve).
View Highlighting of non-competent staff on rosters.Allows the user to view the highlighting of non-competent staff on rosters.
Turn Reminder E-MAILUser will receive turn reminder e-mails.