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Facilities to manage the booking of groups and parties, with access controlled so that everyone can find the information they need to know, ie, the guards can see the booking name and total numbers, the station masters can see the contact information, the bookings administrators can view cost information, etc. Also a comprehensive FAQ facility for telephone/enquiry answerers.

Specific FacilitiesBasic HOPSAdvanced HOPSDetail
Group Bookings VIEW (Summary only)User can view a summary of group bookings information on the daily operations page only.
Group Bookings VIEWUser can view group bookings information.
Group Bookings VIEW (inc. Admin Details)User can view the Admin details section of the group bookings details.
Group Bookings ADD & EDITUser can administrate group bookings, including adding and editing all group bookings.
Edit Group Booking Catering DetailsUser can edit the catering-related fields of Group Bookings.
Group Bookings Numbers ReturnUser can input the passenger numbers return in group bookings.
Group Booking Settings EDITAllows the user to EDIT their organisastion's group bookings settings.
Commercial FAQs VIEWAllows the user to VIEW their organisastion's commercial FAQs
Commercial FAQs EDITAllows the user to EDIT their organisastion's commercial FAQs