Heritage Operations Processing System

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HOPS allows structuring of an unlimited number of timetable operating days.

In addition, 'modifiers' can be used, enabling easy construction of composite running days, such as "Green + Fish & Chip Train" or "Red + Footplate Experience", etc

Documents containing the WTT and other notes can be uploaded.

Specific FacilitiesBasic HOPSAdvanced HOPSDetail
Base Timetables VIEWAllows the user to VIEW base timetables and timetable information.
Base Timetables EDITAllows the user to edit base timetable details (ie, name, etc, not staff templates.)
Base Timetables Updates EMAILThe user will receive an email when the option is selected when editing a base timetable.
Diagram Templates EDITUser can EDIT the template diagrams for the department.
Diagram Templates VIEWUser can VIEW the template diagrams for the department.
Daily Timetables COMPILEAllows the user to compile daily timetable details
Timing Locations and Timing Schedules EDITUser can edit some details of timing locations and timing schedules.
SRTs EDITUser can edit some details of SRTs and create new ones.