Heritage Operations Processing System

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Rostering - Roster Clerks

Rostering is one of HOPS's strongest features.

Opening Hours of Signal Boxes, Duty Hours of Guards, Drivers, opening hours of shops and offices... all this can be templated into HOPS for different operating days.

This information can then be published alongside rosters to ensure staff and volunteers and managers know exactly what is expected.

Rosters can be easily constructed based on the Operations Calendar and Staffing Templates (for example, if HOPS knows that today is a 'blue timetable day' and on a blue day we need 'two signalmen and a guard', it will automatically add these turns into the roster (when commanded).

As part of its rostering functions HOPS has a facility for collecting users' availability. On pre-determined (by the roster clerk) dates, the users are polled for their availability and the results collated in HOPS.

HOPS has functions for assisting in allocating turns to staff in the most economical way possible. This process used to take hours of laborious shuffling of turns on paper or Excel spreadsheets and now takes only 3 clicks!

There are also other good rostering functions such as e-mail reminders to staff about their upcoming turns.

Specific FacilitiesBasic HOPSAdvanced HOPSDetail
View Unpublished RostersAllows the user to view rosters that are not yet published. Required for roster clerks and useful for HODs, etc.
Roster Periods EDITAllows the user to EDIT details of the roster period, such as the name of the roster, the dates between which it applies, and the method and dates of opening the availability window.
Input TurnsAllows the user to input turns on the roster.
Other Users' Availability EDITAllows users to INPUT and EDIT availability for other users. This is required for users who receive availability paperwork from those without HOPS access.
Dept Availability VIEWAllows the user to view the availability input by the entire department.
Assign Main Turns on RostersAllows the user to allocate main (non-training) turns to users in the roster.
Assign 'Additional' Turns on RostersThe user add add/edit/assign/remove 'additional' turns from turns, ie trainees, assessors, etc.
Validate RostersAllows users to view the roster validation in their department.
Publish RostersAllows the user to publish rosters. Publishing a roster makes it available to all those with permissions to view the roster.
UNpublish RostersThe user can UNpublish rosters that have previously been published. Should probably be restricted to the HOPS Administrator, as misuse could cause confusion.
Roster Period DELETEUser can DELETE rosters
DELETE turns from daily calendar pageUser can DELETE turns from from rosters from the daily calendar page.
View Unassign Remark ReportsAllows the user to view the Unassign Remark Reports
Staff Template Update EMAILAllows the user to receive an e-mail advising them when a template has been edited in their department.
Turn Count Matrix VIEWAllows the user to view the turn count matrix for the department.
Receive Uncovered Turns EMAILS (Fact)Allows the user to receive an e-mail x days before a turn that has not been covered, stating the fact (intended for managers, roster clerk, OM, etc).
Base Rosters VIEWAllows user to VIEW the base rosters in their department.
Base Rosters EDITAllows the user to edit base rosters in the department.
Respond to Turn Hours ChallengesThe user can view and respond to the turn hours challenges in the department.
Roster Settings EDITUser can edit the the roster settings in the department.
Assign ReservesUser can assign reserve staff to turns.
Receive Offers to Cover Vacant Turns EMAILThe user will receive e-mails when a user in their department volunteers to work a vacant turn. If no-one in the department has this permission the e-mail automatically goes to the HOD. If there is no HOD, the e-mail goes to the HOPS Administrator.
Turn Swap Approval EMAILSThe user will receive e-mails when two users in the department request to swap turns. If no-one in the department has this permission the e-mail automatically goes to the HOD. If there is no HOD, the e-mail goes to the HOPS Administrator. NOTE users need permission to assign turns on rosters (No 3) to be able to respond to these alerts.
Turn Swap List ViewThe user will be able to view the department list of turn swaps.