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Operations Calendar

Your organisation's operations calendar can be set into HOPS.

This provides a single reliable source of truth for this information for staff. It also works with many other functions around the system that refer to the calendar.

It is also possible to add additional custom layers to the calendar, for everything from department activities to room bookings.

Specific FacilitiesBasic HOPSAdvanced HOPSDetail
VIEW Operations CalendarAllows the user to view the organisation's operations calendar.
EDIT Operations CalendarAllows the user to EDIT the organisation's operations calendar, such as assigning timetables to days, defining additional staff requirements, operations instructions, etc.
Daily Operations Summary EMAILAllows the user to receive an e-mail every morning with details of the day's operations.
VIEW Dept Calendar DocsAllows the user to VIEW their departments calendar documents.
EDIT Dept Calendar DocsAllows the user to EDIT their department's calendar documents.
Ops Calendar Updates EMAILThe user will receive operations calendar update e-mails.
VIEW Calendar ContentUser can view content of this calendar.
EDIT Calendar Organisation ContentUser can add information to the Calendar Subject fields.
Link content from other calendars to this calendar.User can link content from other calendars to this calendar.
CONFIGURE Calendar Organisation SubjectsUser can add, edit and remove calendar organisation SUBJECTS. (Not to be confused with permissions for editing the data associated with the subjects.)
EDIT Base Train Service TemplateAllows the user to edit the base trains template on a timetabled.