Heritage Operations Processing System

L&MMR Background

The Llanelli & Mynydd Mawr Railway is a new heritage venture based at Cynheidre, six miles north of Llanelli on the former Colliery site. We are currently aiming to begin a basic passenger carrying operation in the summer of 2014 and are seeking volunteers for all tasks at the railway.

Role Description

This role is new to the L&MMR and we envisage that anybody trained in the role will have an opportunity to progress to Diesel Train Driver later dependant on suitability. You will be trained gradually on non-passenger running days on the practical elements and will be required to successfully complete a written rules based assessment and practical assessment at the end of the training period. Once qualified you will work alongside the Diesel Driver and assist with railway operations as required.

Role Responsibilities

Be able to safely follow all rules regarding signing on for duty correctly. Correctly carry out pre-start up checks and safe shunting procedures. Ensure safe operation of the train by applying the railway rulebook. Coupling on and off as required. Assisting the driver and guard with brake continuity tests.



Number of Positions Available


Term Length

Dependant on the applicants availability and the availability of the trainers. We aim to complete training within 10-12 months of the start of training.


Being able to attend twice per month during the training period is preferred. Once qualified we would be looking for the applicant to attend whenever they can with no pressure on a weekly commitment. As we only envisage having several operating dates in 2014 this may suit the applicants.


The Llanelli & Mynydd Mawr Railway, Cynheidre
SA15 5YG

Volunteer / Employed

This is a volunteer position.

This is a non-commital volunteer position. Membership of the railway company is required to become a volunteer. Please note that you must be 18 years of age or above to apply for this position (To progress to a Diesel Train Driver you must be at least 21 years of age on the date of qualification). As this is a Safety Critical role a basic medical examination will also be required (cost covered by the L&MMR). Membership benefits - Quarterly member's newsletter. Discounted pitch at our Murray Street, Llanelli Car Boot Sales. Invitation to exclusive member only days when we begin to carry out events.


This is not a managerial position.


This is a safety critical position or a position that carries safety responsibilities.


Ability to lift heavy objects such as couplings etc unaided. In general good health and a good aptitude towards following rules and procedures safely. Basic English and Maths skills also essential.
PREFERRED:  Knowledge and interest in railway operations preferred but not essential.





Closing Date

Open-ended / No specific closing date.


Operations Director Mark Thomas by email at mthomas@llanellirailway.co.uk

Vacancy Ref: 121.